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Andrew Lamberto

I’m working on my Examiner Andrew Lamberto story.  So far I have not found any policy that would require him to report his arrest to the county.  The only policy I find is that if an employee is arrested for drugs or alcohol, then they must report it.  I find that interesting.  What if a social worker was arrested for abusing her own children?  If she lives out of county, the county might never find out.  Or what if a deputy gets into a bar fight in Arizona while partying at the river?  Again, how would the county find out? Or what if an animal control officer who lives in Riverside county gets charged with abusing their own animals?  This seems problematic to me.

I know there is the Rule X that the county uses to discipline when they can’t find any other reason.  But they have to know first.  Although, in this situation it could be for the best if he didn’t report as I will explain in my Examiner article.

Second, my understanding is that Andrew Lamberto’s current title is Director of Human Resources.  There was a point where they were trying to make him an AAO.  It went on towards the end of Mark Uffer’s career with the county but I thought it had been carried over to the Devereaux regime.  Does anyone remember that or know what happened?

Update:  Someone called me and said it might be in the Code of Ethics.  What Code of Ethics, LOL?  Some how that seems like an oxymoron when speaking of San Bernardino County.  I’m going to look, assuming I can find the code on the county’s website.  But if anyone has a link to such policy, please send it my way.

BTW, you can contact me anonymously through the contact button above.  That’s how I got the Andrew tip.  I don’t think I have ever received a tip that way before.  It was kinda cool the way it worked and it left me completely in the dark as to who was tipping me off.  Just put in phony contact information and you should be fine.

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