More delays in the Colonies prosecution?

Colonies Four

The defendants, or at least one of them, is claiming that all charges will be dropped later this month when the latest set of motions are heard.  We’ve not heard as much about it this time because all that crap is apparently still banned on the other blog.  But the grapevine is rife with similar comments that the Titanic about to sink; Bill and I are going to be cellmates with Agent Z, Ramos and Bremmer; Cope is going to lose his bar card, Mandel is apparently still boneable in the eyes of that crew; yada, yada, yada.  Yeah, all those threats and intimidation we had to put up with on the other blog for months while waiting for the first set of motions to be heard that were going to end the case right then and there.  So apparently, it is now all going to happen on Oct. 30.  I can’t wait.  If my cell has air conditioning, I’m good.

Yesterday, the 4th District Court of Appeal issued its decision as expected, upholding Judge Michael Smith’s ruling throwing out the conspiracy charges.  By now you’ve probably read the story in the Press Enterprise, but if you haven’t you can find the whole story at the link.  What I found interesting about the story was the very last paragraph, which read:

The case is tentatively set to go to trial Feb. 1. But during an August hearing before the appellate court, one of the justices and Larson alluded to the possibility of an appeal to the state Supreme Court, which could delay proceedings again.

I have to wonder why Larson would bring it up.  We shall see what happens but I am not at all confident that a trial will start on Feb. 1.  Oh yeah, I should be three months into my prison sentence by then so I probably won’t care.

12 thoughts on “More delays in the Colonies prosecution?

  1. I believe the inference is that the prosecution, not the defense, will appeal the conspiracy ruling.

    Nice try at implying it would be the defense!

    You know it’s true.

  2. I’ve been working under the assumption that the case would go to the Supreme Court again every since Smith dismissed the charges. That is not my point.

  3. You have to admit that the prosecution appeal have delayed the case. Not the defense. Now we shall see if the prosecution attempts to delay again. The county portraying he settlement as just in front of a court and binding arbitration panel while their grand jury was convened will be a problem at some point. I honestly don’t know how they can explain that.

    I would hate to be a lawyer witness who testified I front of the grand jury!

  4. The assumption that the prosecution can CONTINUE to appeal whatever they wish for as long as they wish is beyond laughable.

    Those other high profile cases on the back burner are because the defendants have AGREED to stay proceedings.

    Guess your sources Sharon assume the clause in the Constitution on speedy trials can be waived by the prosecution or judges and the defendants have no say so? Which one of your sources suggested that?

    The maximum time for trial was just exceeded a couple weeks ago when two defendants would NOT waive anymore time.

    Now come October 30 it is a motion to dismiss ALL charges based on prosecutorial misconduct. And if you wish to suggest there is NO misconduct you may.

    This motion won’t be a couple hours, it may be a couple weeks of continuous testimony by WHO? Yet to be seen.

    Now for just a moment if you can, let’s just look at ALL the previous cases the DA has handle to date, you should know which ones by now.

    Despite the epic loss on some of them and the many that never went to trial because of the smell of potential corruption contained in some of those cases and the exposure to certain people we should ASSUME there is none in this case?

    Or is there just a little and it won’t matter? Who was it Red that suggested the behind the scenes civil cases going on were irrelevant to the criminal case? LMAO!

    Since you don’t wish to bash anymore that’s your choice.

    But to ignore the loss of your team to date that has NOTHING to do with the Colonies and suggest in ANYWAY that this game will end in a 30 to 0 score for Mike Ramos is insanity at its finest.

    The dismissal of conspiracy charges is HUGE. NOW you say it was expected? SMH!

    In my opinion Mike Ramos has a BIG pizza with no cheese on it going into this party.

    We will see if he can supply any delicious toppings starting October 30.

    I have no idea, but if it’s anything like the Sam Clauder, Rocha Family, Jason Borros. Anthony Orduno, POST, and the paralyzed gangbanger who just got $5 million no thanks to Mike Ramos I wouldn’t be suggesting ANYTHING!

    You use a paragraph of a comment from the PE to suggest an appeal from the defense is what I get. ABSOLUTELY false.

    Now if you want a REAL look at intimidation and bullying just look at the Del Taco incident?

    What narrative did you maintain on that one?

    For now don’t become a booky and start any betting operation.

  5. Sorry, should have mentioned anything you suggest you and others endured over time as victims of crimes is ON Mike Ramos.

    If your pissed off about all that be pissed at him. It’s his world we just live in it.

    Good day!

  6. What reason is there for the prosecution NOT to attempt to appeal the Appellate Court ruling to the Supreme Court?

    By doing so, they can further delay the day they finally have to start proving their case in a court room, as well as the day they have to disclose how much money they have spent on the prosecution.

    Plus, there is a chance that the Supreme Court might reverse the Appellate Court ruling. Even if they don’t, the prosecution will have successfully delayed the trial for another year or so.

    And they are using taxpayer money, so they have absolutely no incentive to be frugal or consider the costs.

    I place the odds of their attempting to appeal this ruling to the Supreme Court at 99%.

  7. Actually, in terms of waiving time, I was going to ask if someone can give us details of how that would work in terms of an appeal to the Supreme Court. As far as everything else goes, I’m too tired to argue. We will all know the answers in a few short weeks. Until then, what Judge Smith will do or not do is speculation for all of us.

  8. There is no speedy trial issue involved if the defense initiated the appeal. It has accepted that appeals are not a waiver of time, but a process it has initiated. Once appeals are decided, then time will become an issue, But I sense that it is the defense that wants to delay since long delays tend to favor the defense.

    Administrator, you’re right What the judge will do is guided by law and his discretion as long as it’s consistent with law. None of us are privy to prosecution or defense strategies, only what we can infer by that which has been filed to date.

    The East Coast is gorgeous this time of year. I need more vacations.

  9. A potential appeal is moot at this moment. Nothing to argue.

    Starting October 30 the motion will be the attention getter.

    Time for some to anty up. That simple.

  10. Hey Sharon you seen the Daily Press article on Mikey Ramos trying to keep Ruthy Stringer and Mitch Norton off the witness stand on October 30?

    Looks like another torpedo has been fired at the Titanic from the defense side.

    Your right no need to argue a silly appeal, this is MUCH better.

  11. I stand corrected on my last comment. The DA did not do the motion to quash the subpoena, it was the County.

    Uh oh!!! I remember the DA saying they weren’t aware of the civil proceedings taking place something to that effect.

    County now saying oh YES the DA’s office was aware of the civil proceedings!

    This is getting good. Guess we will know come October 30.

    Sure hope someone in the County didn’t just throw the DA under the bus????

  12. The Press Enterprise article tells us what Mr. Larson and one of judges supposedly “alluded to” in a conversation regarding a possible appeal to the Supreme Court. The recent article in The Sentinel contains a direct quote from Mr. Larson regarding a possible appeal to the Supreme Court. I am basing my opinion on the actual quote from Mr. Larson rather than hearsay provided by a newspaper reporter.

    Also, the recent Sun & Daily Bulletin article includes more of the same old cut and paste recitals that do not mention how the Superior Court had found the county liable before the settlement occurred, and that the alleged bribes were paid many months after the settlement took place. I have to wonder if they would report about this case more accurately if they were not so beholden to the San Manual Casino money, and the tribal member’s political allies.

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