Let’s clarify some things on the other blog

Erwin & Holtz, LLC

The other blog has reported that Supervisor Josie Gonzales is not running for re-election based on comments she made to the SEBA board.  My first impression was that was a matter of semantics.

Barring additional candidates with large financial backing, Gonzales’ name will be on the ballot but she will not have to “run.”  She will win by a landslide in June even if she never puts up a single campaign sign.

I know they hate her over there, but Josie’s constituents love her.  They really do.  No matter what I may think or feel about her, which some of it has to do with things similar to the reasons they feel the way they do over there, Josie is a hands-on supervisor that really connects with her constituents.  Unlike some other supervisors, she tries hard to be put constituents first and they are loyal to her.

I should also mention that the meeting in question took place before the Lamberto fiasco.  I cannot say whether she really reprimanded the SEBA board for all the lawsuits in SBSD but I can tell you that according to my sources, who were actually in the meeting, they hammered her for being all talk when it comes to negotiations.

As to the second item, well Kenny, you’ve forced me to revive my Erwin & Holtz logo.  It’s a really good thing, and quite understandable, why you did not make it to the rank of detective when with the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department.

Yes, Sheriff McMahon personally told me he was not at Del Taco in Adelanto at 3:30 a.m. the night of the incident in question.  But he was not the first one to tell me that.  I shall not name names, but a captain (who was a lieutenant at the time) told me the same thing.  Considering the position this Captain/Lieutenant held at the time, he would definitely be in a place to know.

Something that cannot seem to be gotten through the brains of those on the other site is that county attorneys and county department heads only have so much say as to what cases are litigated and what cases are settled.  Also difficult to get through those same brains is that the county carries insurance that covers many lawsuits.  As such, it is not the county that makes the decision, it is the insurance carriers.  They assess risk based on factors that I imagine the county does not like many times over.

Sure, the county can go against what the insurance company wants, but in doing so, it is assuming liability.  You’d be bitching about that too.

So let’s look at the case in point.  Four minority women get into an altercation with an off-duty sheriff’s deputy in the drive-thru of Del Taco in Adelanto.  According to the lawsuit, Sheriff McMahon personally came to the call at 3:30 a.m. because the off-duty sheriff’s deputy was there with Steve Singley, former deputy county counsel for SBSD, as a personal favor to Singley.

In case you have not noticed, Singley no longer works for County Counsel because he was appointed to the Superior Court bench.  Do you really think the governor would have made that appointment if there was one iota of truth to this allegation?  If you do, then you know absolutely nothing about the judicial appointment process.

So, we have Singley not at Del Taco.  What reason would McMahon have to be in Adelanto at 3:30 a.m.?  He didn’t have a reason and he was not there.

But the off-duty female sheriff’s deputy did have a male companion with her.  Supposedly, and I won’t believe it until I see it, that male companion used his video camera to record the incident.

The female deputy has since been fired for using racial slurs, which apparently she claims she did not use.  That is where the video could come in handy.

Yes, there was surveillance video at Del Taco that apparently the Sheriff’s Department lost.  That looks really bad, I agree.  Whoever is responsible for that should be fired.  But, as far as I know, it was surveillance video–meaning there was not likely audio.  So, if the female deputy did in fact call the four black women racial slurs, how would you know from the video.  In other words, that video is likely not all that important to the case.  But, as I wrote earlier, it does look really bad that they lost or erased it.

It is my understanding the female deputy is appealing her case.  If there was proof she did what she did and that McMahon was at the scene, do you not believe she would use her get-out-of-jail card.  To my knowledge, she has never claimed he was there.  Not only that, do you really believe she would have used racial slurs in front of him?  Your arguments make no sense.

Finally, there is the issue of the women being kept in the back of the patrol units for four hours.  If that did happen, it is problematic.  I’m not sure what proof there is or isn’t.

Based on the accusations that you are dealing with four black women who say they were the victim of racial slurs left in a patrol unit for four hours is reason enough to settle the case, assuming there is proof at least some of it occurred.  Of course, the amount of the settlement will tell us a lot.  And, it could be there will be no settlement.

Now let’s look at your other argument.  You say that because the judge did not dismiss the case or dismiss McMahon from the case, it means the allegations are true.  What have you been smoking?  It’s some good stuff.

Let’s apply this very same logic to the Colonies prosecution.  Supervisor Josie Gonzales says Jeff Burum was in China the same time she was.  Based on your logic, the case has not been dismissed, so it must be true.  Clearly, Repairman was on the right track with his two passport theory.

Lawyers for the Colonies Four have filed a series of motions, similar to what county lawyers did in the Del Taco case, and guess what? The whole case has not been dismissed.  Again, based on your logic, the charges against the Colonies Four are obviously valid since the judge did not dismiss the case after the first set of motions.  Heaven knows there is no such thing as as using different legal theories to attack various charges or claims over a period of time to get the desired results.

So, as with the Del Taco incident, there is really no need for a trial in the Colonies Four matter.  Let’s just send them all to prison.

Why do we even have a court system?  The crack(ed) law firm of Erwin & Holtz, LLC has the system figured out without all of the witnesses ever being heard or the evidence presented.

37 thoughts on “Let’s clarify some things on the other blog

  1. Gee Sharon, McMahon should have hired you to file that motion with your Clerk experience!

    I just can’t figure out why such a rant like yours wasn’t put in that motion?

    Unfortunately for all the finger energy you wasted the County wants to settle this baseless case.

    Hard to fight it when one destroys the very video that would prove or disprove something.

    As has been said before when the Sheriff gets up on the witness stand in a public hearing and handles his business as hard as you punch the keyboard, I’ll be impressed. I am sure many others will be.

    The County pisses money away like a water faucet flows, I just can’t phathom letting baseless allegations stand.

    You didn’t make Senior Clerk did you?

    I bet I own more sleeping bags than you do.

    Would you like to share your law experience with us?

    You can start with your workmans comp case.

    Your theory and evidence was a doctors note?

    I hope your source on Josie is better than the one that told you the Marhoefers were going to nail me criminally and civilly?

    About as credible as the Alabama trailer Queen scandal.

    Better yet the ongoing FBI investigation that wasn’t?

    Just saying!

    • No, she has one more term to go. When the term limits initiative was approved, it set everyone’s clock to zero. Their current term did not count.

      • And I should have included in the story that I expect her to be elected Chairman in 2017 with either Hagman or Lovingood’s replacement as vice chairman.

  2. Administrator,

    When has Holtz been right about anything? He’s a gadfly looking for a bull’s rear end to circle. That’s where he finds his daily load of BS.

  3. So is the “insurance carrier” thing going to be your new plausible excuse for settling cases to try and detract from the allegations at hand?

    You mentioned JUST because the Judge didn’t dismiss McMahon from the lawsuit doesn’t mean he was there!

    You and others sure haven’t thought that way when the District Attorney has charged folks with crimes.

    Or when the Courts have upheld or dismissed an appeal.

    What is problamtic for the Sheriff is he was the ranking official and would BUY the farm for NOT stopping what took place that night and what followed there after. That is HUGE!

    Some of us haven’t forgot how hard County lawyers worked to keep McMahon off the witness stand in Angela Grays Civil Service hearing. They were successful.

    Speaking of County lawyers I wonder if Cynthia O’Neal would like to vouch for Sheriff McMahon’s credibility and veracity?

    I think you need to establish the Sheriffs overall honesty before you suggest, because YOU talked with him there is great DOUBT in the allegations!

    Now should one go with your explanation?

    Or would one want to go with Travis Bauers or Debbie O’Connell’s PERSONAL experience in dealing with the Sheriff?

    Now if the County had settled with these ladies from Del Taco as quick as they settled with Mr. Pusok the horse thief, ONE might look at things differently!

    Oh wait there was a video in that one. Aired to the world in real time!

    For sure if they had settled with the gangbanger shot in the neck instead of waiting until the jury pool was walking into the courtroom that to might suggest someone is thinking outside the box instead of handling business as usual.

    As to Josie Gonzales who really gives shit? Those who love her have their hand out like the rest of the sheep!

    We will see come contract time what the Deputies get THANKS to Aunt Josie!

    Your suggestion that if one wins a election by a landslide they are a great leaders or competent is hilarious.

    That’s as funny as those who want to invite Syrian refugees into their homes.

  4. So, Holtz, was McMahon at Del Taco as you’ve staked what little, and I mean very little credibility? Or are you waffling like IHOP leftovers? Which is it?

    Why would you suppose the Colonies defendants have changed lawyers so many times? Could it be that lawyers don’t want to be on a sinking ship? Or are you still going with their walking on how many felonies?

    Theft of public funds is a serious bit@h.

    How come the sheriff won’t issue you a CCW? Does he know that you’re a danger to others? With all of the threats you’ve made, it’s a wonder that you’re not in prison or in sanitarium. Hey, what psychotropics are you on now?

    C’mon out to Phoenix & I’ll teach you how to do real detective work.

  5. Tom I suspect I am not in prison or the sanitarium because NO BODY in SBSD is as smart as YOU being a real detective and all. Definitely not as brave as you.

    I am just trying to get around the vexatious litigant status you earned and how your wife kicked your butt and how I should in anyway be concerned with anything you say.

    Moved to Phoenix to get away from all that?

    Doing detective work now?

    Keep your work limited to the toothless ones and the illegals you’ll be fine.

    Don’t lock horns with Sheriff Joe cause he will squash you.

    Or are you on his staff as Chief advisor?

  6. Tom why would you ask me why defendants have changed lawyers in the Colonies case? You can ask your brother for those answers.

    YOUR brother just hopped on board the sinking ship. Are you busting your brothers chops? WOW!

    I was going to ask you why your brother didn’t hire you to do some investigating since your the best of the best.

    Or have you already told him he’s a fool?

    Wait awhile till your medication wears off before you answer.

    You are obviously not paying attention, but we already knew that!

  7. As to Mr. Singley being appointed to the bench, good for him.

    Now let me laugh out loud when you suggest the great Jerry “moonbeam” Brown would NEVER appoint anyone to a position like that with a cloud over his head I am laughing.

    You need to tell us Jerry is the shining star of ethics among liberals! If left up to that SOB the entire state will be a gun free zone!

    If your suggesting Singley’s appointment vindicates the allegations in this case, let me laugh again. If he wasn’t there OK!

    It doesn’t set aside the civil rights violations.

    But THANK YOU for telling us he is now a judge.

    Any employee or citizen appearing before him on any case related to SBSD is grounds for him rescusing himself, BECAUSE of his close relationship with the Sheriff.

    I’d love to be standing before him, have him look me in the eye and tell me there is no corruption or misdeeds within SBSD or the Executive Staff, I’d be held in contempt of court for laughing in his face.

    Singley is as much a conflict in his position now as former Undersheriff Richard Beemer in serving on the Civil Service Board as it relates to SBSD issues.

    File the PC 170 motion, better know as papering the Judge and get all that on the record.

    If denied its on the record for appeal purposes.

    If you don’t argue the matter when it comes up, you can’t argue it later.

    To MANY cronies in the judicial system around here.

    Now let us know if you have talk to Jerry or Singley like you did McMahon.

    Thanks for the info!

  8. Can anyone figure out what Holtz’s has written?

    Holtz, are you sticking with your untenable position that McMahon was at Del Taco?

    Do you have any idea how civil suits against public entities work?

    Do you know what the noun “deputy” means? Are you aware that a deputy is an employee? Are you aware that agency heads are routinely listed in lawsuits?

    Sun Devils Fan has you wired, which ain’t hard to do.

    BTW, I don’t live in Phoenix. And I ain’t a Sun Devils fan.

    Maybe you ought to leave lawyering to lawyers and prognosticating to those with reason and logic skills. Your ouija board and tarot cards ain’t working for you. Maybe Miss Cleo might give you better info.

    You should have never been hired. Thank God, the sheriff corrected that catastrophe when he fired you.

    How come you don’t have a CCW? It doesn’t matter. You can’t go to the range, either. Fact is, you shouldn’t own a gun. You’re a danger to others.

    • By the way you are an idiot Beach Ball. Holtz outed you and you stand around like a 2 year old with poopy diapers whining. You haven’t stopped crying since. You are a coward to.

  9. Come on Beach Ball, is that all you have? Your a broken record. Can you attempt something new? Sharon at least has an argument about the facts, that she believes and articulates, your just a bantering baboon. When you first started on the blog you were actually entertaining and had something constructive to say. Makes me wonder what in your life has changed you that you have turned to this…

  10. Now off topic I’d like to tell another story about how SBSD brass treat their own in time of death.

    It was not long ago a Deputy Sheriff passed away, off duty from a heart attack. I believe he was a 25 year veteran.

    His family asked SBSD for a motorcycle escort for his funeral. SBSD denied the request because the Deputy died off duty.

    Sheriff McMahon and Assistant Sheriff Cochran did attend the funeral.

    Around the same time the son of a Special Deputy died. The son was in no way affiliated to SBSD officially.

    His dad requested a motorcycle escort from SBSD. Most likely Sheriff McMahon because the Special Deputy is a big business man who contracts with SBSD fixing units transmissions that break and a big time campaign contributor.

    Captain Daniel Bolt Commander of Rancho Cucamonga had EIGHT of her motor officers on the taxpayers dime drive down to Redlands, Ca to escort the hearse to the funeral site.

    You might remember the Special Deputy who was stopped and ticketed by San Bernardino Police Department for a traffic violation and the guy got a FALSIFIED letter from then Sergeant Ordero now Captain, stating the Special Deputy was on duty working blah blah so please void the ticket crap?

    SBPD called BS on the letter and Ordero got a letter of reprimand for his little misdeed. It was all over the blog. You might remember Ordero was a Sergeant in Internal Affairs at the time.

    Isn’t it just amazing that the REAL cop couldn’t be buried with some type of honors for his service but the son of a Special Deputy could?

    You continue to throw out your zingers about the Sheriff and what you think you know that overcomes what you USE to talk about, I’ll do my best to call you and raise the anty on who’s cool and who isn’t.

    Your turn!

  11. Holtz,

    You have no clue of who I am. You were a poor cop who should have never been hired & who couldn’t make detective. How many guesses do you get before you are tapped out? You used to swear than I’m Jon Marhoefer. Just how many nightmares do you have roaming your vacuous noggin? Does the ghost of the bicyclist that you’ve killed keep you awake and in cold sweats at night? Might just be that the FBI will open an investigation in to your killing of an unarmed bicyclist. Tell us, lop cop, why you allowed a kid whom you thought was dangerous to reach for his beach cruiser. Tell us, lop cop, why you were unable to disarm the beach cruiser kid with your baton? We already know that answers. You wanted to kill that kid because you thought that killing an unarmed kid would consummate your otherwise unremarkable career. Holtz, you were a dirt bag in tan and green. You were always a lop in search of another felony to kiss off.

    Speaking of weird, tell us again why you were fired? Wasn’t creating a hostile work environment one of the reasons? How many posters have you threatened? Why were you denied gun club membership? Why has the sheriff refused to issue a CCW to you? Why did you point a rifle at kids on dirt bikes? Would you have pointed a rifle at them if hey were armed off-duty cops? How have you managed to elude ETS? Yu should have been taken a as a danger to others a long time ago.

    Now I’ll ask this of you again because you seem to have back pedaled: as you sticking with your numerous assertions that McMahon was at Del Taco? Or are you prepared to admit that you were wrong on that one, too? One consistency is that you’re rarely right.

    Holtz, if you weren’t a danger to others, maybe posters wouldn’t fear that you’d bust caps at them. I know that were I to see you again, I’be be worried that you might go High Desert postal. You’re so dangerous that “Terry v. Ohio” always is always indicated when any cop contacts you. I know that were I on duty and had to interact with you, I’d prone you out.

    • Beach ball, man up or shut up. You are the joke. You, who uses an alias, have no grounds to question Kens ability to guess who you are. If you had even half the balls he had you would state your name, but you don’t, therefore you won’t. You will remain spineless and anonymous because that’s easy to do. Your life not exposed. A real man calling out another man who puts his name to his post would also step up. YOU SIR DO NOT. Until that day know this, Ken Holtz, love him, hate him, agree with him or not, will have more respect from others because he ISN’T anonymous.

      And, for clarification, because I know how someone like you thinks (has no answer so he attacks the messenger) no where here am I being hypocritical since I have not done what you do and continue to do to Holtz.

  12. Anonymous,

    Your having a GED and all, you lack intellectual ability to comprehend reading primers. So leave intellectual posts to those with reason and logic skills. Until Administrator includes graphics in her threads, they’ll be far above your pay grade.

  13. Tommy between you, Sharon, the Marhoefers, James Mills and a couple others with your connections and expertise couldn’t come together and get a police report and major investigation launched on your legal theories on threats is laughable.

    Unfortunately for you using my name to create a post a couple months ago puts you out of contention to be a victim.

    A lot of your postings on the other blog were put to spam since they were so vile.

    Keep after it.

    Most of those I talk about know where to find me.

    If your really in fear then go hide in the closet or STFU!

    The first thing the cops have to do before they interview you is make sure your not under the influence.

    Just remember I am NOT under court supervised visitation to see my kids.

    So I think you have the danger to others ass backwards!

  14. Here is what I am thinking Tommy.

    I hire those private investigators from the Colonies case to track down your ex wife if they will take the case of course.

    In the process they do a records search to see if you have any pending issues.

    I’ll let them talk to your ex to see if she needs any additional evidence on anything. More appropriate if they talk to her than me.

    We can down load your babbling rants for the last few years since you got outed and see if it’s useful to your ex’s attorney? You know that STATE of mind stuff?

    I think your impersonation of me with the obvious obsession you have cause I outed you is a golden nugget at the end of the day.

    We can see if the court wants to consider you a victim of anything.

    Just a little match of her issues and mine might be interesting.

    Just a thought.

    Your thoughts?

  15. BeachMagic, man you can only beat that horse to death once, but you just won’t stop. Get some new material or STFU.

    • If that were still the case Paula you wouldn’t have any competition now would you?

      You’d comment and a month later they would still be in line gathering dust.

      It’s really to bad you get zero credits for bringing forth any serious opinions or news.

      Please don’t waste your breath in suggesting you are another mover and shaker within.

      • No Kenny. I actually work and have a family and commitments and obligations. I don’t sit around all day posting comment after comment in blogs. Your sarcasm gets old. If you would take the time to articulate a logical thought instead of being rude and obnoxious people might actually give thought to the concerns you raise and opinions you share.

  16. LMBO Paula yeah we see how your articulated well thought out logic has worked for the employees in the county from a union standpoint.

    Tried hard to come up with something good based on all that reasoning. Still get a big ZERO accomplished for all of you.

    I bet the BOS loves you SBPEA folks when you make an appearance or argue a issue. The results are glaring. So was Bob Bloughs demise.

    You weren’t riding on that bus before it crashed were you?

    You must use the same logic as the veteran politicians are using running for President?

    Some of them are just above ZERO in poll numbers and they are spending millions on logic and well thought out articulated reasoning.

    The only one doing well is the liberal crook Hillary for right now.

    I am sure the hits would be off the charts if you were authoring more Union propaganda than you have.

    The last person to listen to in this County is any Union officer.

    These blogs have more than paid for themselves informing others in a VERY articulated manner about bogus Union issues and corrupt Union cronies.

    Next time you pop off at me and thats all you got expect more of the same.

  17. Kenny has always been a hot head full of hot air. It’s very well known that’s one of the reasons he was fired. He will never change. Now he just does it without the badge and behind the keyboard. He is a true keyboard warrior. Nothing new there.

  18. Hi Joe Henry back from Betty Ford?

    Whatever you wish the scenario to be Joe.

    One thing for sure Joe your pals heroric efforts and KOOL head with employees and citizens are costing taxpayers millions.

    Who might they be hiding behind? Lawyers and unions?

    Still waiting for you to be specific on your well known comments.

    Cool head at Del Taco or hot air?

    No Del Tacos for Kenny.

    You team up with SunDevil aka Desert Heat Joe see what you two clowns can accomplish.

  19. So Paula it turns out YOU were the President of SBPEA and Blough was the General Manager when his little scandal leaked out?

    So your family, commitments, obligations were so intense rubbing elbows and drinking wine, YOU and your fellow Board members were clueless to potential embezzlement to the tune of half a million dollars?

    Or were you a whistleblower?

    So you call people blow holes?

    So SBPEA changes names shall we say, KEEPS the same inept board members and YOU are talking trash?

    On the streets, not in your perfect world of liberalism crooks who talk trash usually get serious hand intervention.

    You ONLY survive because of others cowardice.

    • Let’s just say there are things happening and not all is as it seems, or at least we hope. The matter is currently in the hands of the San Bernardino Police Department. I’ve wanted to write updates but have been asked not to do so. I despise Blough with a passion so I’m not about to do anything that has even the slightest chance of hurting the investigation. Once the results of the investigation are made public, hopefully we will all know who the bad guys were, who the good guys were, and who stepped up to the plate and did the right thing when push came to shove.

  20. Well I’ll believe all that when posted in official documents.

    It doesn’t take this long to investigate embezzlement.

    Save that nonsense for the unknowing!

    That excuse has failed miserably the last couple years and is getting old.

    • I can tell you that I’ve been told to expect the investigation to take a year or more. I cannot say when it started because I do not know at what point Ramos handed it off to the PD. I can also tell, as I have written before, if certain individuals are not charged as part of this, then I know it was not a valid investigation. I saw enough with my own eyes. And I will say I’m talking about both SBPEA board members and employees.

  21. Oh hell we all know Mike Ramos is a great example of hustle in handling high profile cases. LMAO!!

    Thank GOD the FBI took over the shooting in San Bernardino. Mikey got no business trying to handle Jihadist.

    Hopefully you will understand come Friday.

    I bet Ramos is kicking the can he can’t exploit that for political purposes.

    There will be no hero’s out of the Blough scandal. Just some trying to CYA before the ship sank.

    And don’t tell us at some point Ready was the hero unless you have some official document to post up.

  22. Let me tell you why the Blough investigation to date is just another joke.

    First off how much money has Blough and his minions pumped into Mike Ramos campaign coffers? THOUSANDS!

    A massive “conflict” by appearance alone.

    I am sure there are a few cops in San Bernardino PD who clearly see that AFTER Mikey played around with the case for awhile then passed it to SBPD if what you say is even true.

    If Ramos was concerned about public corruption as YOU like others to NOW believe Ramos would have ASKED the Attorney General to investigate this case and left SBPD out of the picture. Simply let’s not burden anyone locally with this can of worms.

    Ramos request should have happened as quick or quicker than it did in the Colonies case and as fast as the FBI taking over the terrorist act from last week.

    As simple as when I arrested Bob Dutton the case was transferred to San Bernardino from Rancho. WHY because Bob knew so many people at the Court house as Judge Peter Norrell said in open court. SMART!!! Professional and stops allegations before they can start.

    Another “conflict” that just raised its ugly head?

    The allegations against former Assistant DA Hackleman. Hackleman and Judge Smith reported to be GOOD friends. Off the clock friends.

    We will see how that plays out. The elephant is in the room.

    More conflicts on the horizon.

    Don’t expect your hero Joe Nelson to report anything significant.

    Mikey Ramos should have handle Blough like he did his friend Mark Leggio from Mark Christopher Chevrolet on the campaign donations issue. Remember Riverside DA Rod Pachecco handle that?

    This one with Blough stinks!

    • Kenny, please tell me how you know the DA waited to hand over the investigation? You didn’t even know there was an active investigation nor did you know the PD was the investigating office. For all I know it was handed over two months ago or two weeks after it was sent to the DA.

      However, there are other reasons why the investigation may stink to high heaven. I will believe it is a real investigation when I see certain people arrested who I know beyond a shadow of a doubt helped Bough in what he was doing. In some cases, all you have to do is look at campaign finance records to find the first nexus. I don’t expect much because one is close to the Teamsters and the other is close to Devereaux. But we shall see.

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