‘Lamberto Rule’ goes before San Bernardino Co. board today

King Devereaux and the Feckless Five

The San Bernardino County Board of Supervisors is set to approve a new county policy aimed at preventing embarrassment such as the recent scandal involving the director of Human Resources, Andrew Lamberto.  Lamberto was convicted of soliciting an undercover law enforcement officer for the purposes of prostitution.

The new policy requires that the board be made aware “fully and expeditiously of any and all conduct committed by County Administrators which is incompatible with the due and faithful discharge of his or her duties.”  The Chief Executive Officer is required to notify the chairman of the board of any on-duty or off-duty conduct that he is made aware of and substantiated which is either job related or discredits the county.  All non-elected county officials are included in the policy.

Although Lamberto properly reported the matter to his immediate supervisor, Chief Executive Officer Greg Devereaux, it was covered up from that point on until board members read about it on a local blog some seven months after the initial arrest.  Due to the manner in which it was handled by Devereaux, the county was forced into agreeing to pay Lamberto the equivalent of six months of salary and benefits to obtain his resignation.

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