Ryan Hagen is reporting that Lamberto has already been disciplined

Andrew Lamberto

Sorry about that Ryan. I never even looked. I knew Joe got the tip and thought he wrote the story.

What that means quite bluntly is that Lamberto cannot now be fired now that his crime is out in the open.  That would be double jeopardy.  Lamberto gets to keep his job and Devereaux gets to keep his hatchet man.  And no, Devereaux did not tell the Board of Supervisors about this.

Board members can plead ignorance, righteous indignation, shock, whatever they want.  It is all meaningless bull shit because there is not a damn thing that can be done about Lamberto and they know it.

Everyone wins except for the public and the employees.  We are all stuck with someone running Human Resources who has been convicted of a crime of moral turpitude making a few hundred thousand dollars a year in salary and benefits so he can buy all the prostitutes he sees fit.  Where else but San Bernardino Couny?

And some of you don’t believe me when I write that Devereaux is a brilliant and devious man.  Does anyone really believe San Bernardino County is any more “transparent” than it was ten years ago?  Or any less corrupt?

BTW, for those new to the blog, if you Tweet, the hashtag for the San Bernardino County Board of Supervisors is #milkduds.

5 thoughts on “Ryan Hagen is reporting that Lamberto has already been disciplined

  1. Well now ain’t that a hoot! Guess he could have run someone over and received the same sort of “discipline” what a load of cr#p!

    • If he had “run someone over, ” he would’ve been taken out to lunch by the current or a former sheriff.

  2. Some of you better understand the reality of this you just DO NOT fire a guy like Lamberto who knows where the bodies are buried as it relates to County day to day business.

    Some of you just don’t get it when it comes down to the one with the most mud to sling WINS!

    In this case it would be the one with the most documents.

    Guess you all forgot former CAO Mark Uffer walked away with $650k out of court settlement on his termination.

    Some of you might finally clue in in coming weeks and understand what mud slinging is truely about.

    When your a hatchet man by trade you generally know some pretty scathing crap involving many people.

    Wake up!

      • Well of course he isn’t the only one.

        Does any member of the Mafia NOT know where bodies are buried? EVERY department manager relies on Lamberto and his minions to help terminate or hatchet a employee targeted for discipline.

        Have ever heard or seen a mob member that couldn’t tell the cops something good when it came to saving their own hide?

        In the Travis Bauer case we learned just how much Sheriff McMahon and company relied on HR Officer Laura Ornelas to help terminate Bauer.

        As the facts of the case came out we learned she did a lot of the paperwork. She was very active in the Civil Service hearing.

        Just one problem for Ornelas was Bauer and his lawyer were not as dumb and uninformed, and Bauer torn her a new one on a number of fronts during the hearing.

        So bad did Bauer expose Ornelus as a inept employee she eventually stepped away from the hearing and left county employement. Now she is reportedly back.

        Her partner County Council Cynthia O’Neal was also exposed and had to leave the case before it was concluded.

        O’Neal suffered a Public Integrity complaint with the District Attorney and State Bar complaint. She has recently stopped representing the Sheriffs Department in employee matters.

        My point is Lambarto and his minions have enjoyed the games they play with employees because they are seldom taken to task because of corrupt Union lawyers and representatives and just plain fear.

        In this case KARMA reached out and slapped the hell out of one of the HERO’s of the regime AGAIN.

        A blog entry here, another blog entry at Inland Politics, local papers pick it up, add icing to the cake and CBS news runs with it. Awesome!

        I wonder if Lamberto is still looking in the mirror telling himself he is awesome?

        More exposure of the awesome ones is coming.

        Uncle Devereaux won’t be able to help them either!

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