Is Neil Derry on Jeff Burum’s payroll?

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That is the rumor.  I asked Neil on two of his articles that have been posted.  So far he has responded to others but not to me, which leads me to believe it is true.

To clarify, he is said to have recently moved to the San Diego area after his divorce.  I know they had a beach house there, or at least they used to, so I’m guessing that’s the house he got.  Anyway, the rumor is that he has started his own public relations/consulting firm and his biggest client is Jeff Burum, or one of Burum’s affiliates such as a partner, his attorney or someone else who is close to Jeff.

This kind of stuff gets around quickly, and if true, it is no wonder that the Daily Bulletin and The Sun chose not to print Derry’s articles.  They are nothing more than PR pieces trying to influence potential jurors.  And, I would agree with the supposed reason the Daily Bulletin and The Sun did not print them.  They are old, rehashed news.

I always liked Neil and I thought he was an excellent county supervisor.  I also thought his prosecution was wrong, at least at the level it was prosecuted.  But that does not negate the fact that he is now allegedly working for a group of people accused of a long list of felonies who have done everything under the sun to intimidate witnesses and try to take the light off of the charges against them by obfuscating the truth.  It’s sad to see Neil become a part of that so openly.  I’m quickly losing respect for him.

But Neil is not the only one who is rumored to be part of the Burum machine.  Some of you may have noticed that Mark Gutglueck was awarded adjudication for his paper, something that has been denied in the past.

This time around it was all done very secretively. It was filed as “In the matter of” so neither Mark’s name or the Sentinel’s name appear in a search of court records.  That’s what an $800-an-hour attorney buys you.  Yes, this time it was handled by Arent Fox, Burum’s attorney’s office.  Imagine that!  So when you read Colonies stories in the Sentinel, do you think they are well balanced and accurate.

I hold no grudges against Mark.  I only wish he would be more truthful in his reporting and fact checked a lot more.  He does a lot of good.  But he also does harm when he isn’t truthful.

This is all only the tip of the iceberg.  I cannot even discuss the really egregious things Burum is doing to sway public opinion.  If they are so innocent, one has to wonder why they have to resort to this along with all the private investigators following witnesses, hacking phone records and everything else they have done to intimidate witnesses.

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  1. Is that the reason why he has not shown up to SBGOP meetings in a very long time?

  2. If there was any question or doubt after the first two articles, #3 will make you a believer.

    • Repairman has resurfaced after a protracted absence, which coincidentally began when I cited comments of his by date and time that conclusively demonstrated his flip-flopping opinion about Mike Ramos violations in reporting campaign contributions.

      Anyway, he is now telling us that if people were not convinced that Neil Derry is on Jeff Burum’s payroll, the third part of Mr. Derry’s story will make us “a believer.” Unfortunately, he provides nothing to back up this opinion.

      Repairman, can you cite the specific language in the third part of the story that made you “a believer?”

      • Obers, how ya doin big guy? pressure not gettin to ya is it? I hope not. I’m sorry , but I don’t save all my comments by time, date, subject matter, or any other reason like you do, so could you open that file on your desk top and tell me what you are talking about.

        • Repairman:

          Ah, the old I don’t know what you’re talking about defense. How predictable.

          OK, I’ll play along.

          In several comments on this site, you have referred to Mike Ramos campaign contribution violations as harmless mistakes.

          However, here is a comment you made on the other site on June 18, 2013:

          “As far as I’m concerned ramos should have been prosecuted as well. Maybe if some of these guys start go to jail, maybe they would think twice before they swindle the taxpayers of SBC.”

          You will find this comment under a June 17, 2013 story titled “Evidence Mounts Showing That Derry Prosecution Was A Political Hatchet Job.”

          On July 5, 2015, I made the following comment on this site:

          Nice to see the site back up. Someone has been posting some silly old comments by Repairman on the other site, and I’d like to see some silly new ones. Plus, he never did get the opportunity to fully explain his flip flopping on Mike Ramos, once saying he should be prosecuted for his campaign violations, and later saying they were harmless mistakes. Repairman, are you still here?”

          Hopefully this will refresh your memory. Now, if you really want to be predictable, you will not explain your textbook flip flopping and instead criticize me for something, such as keeping track of your comments.

          I noticed that you ignored my question; here it is again: can you cite the specific language in the third part of Neil Derry’s story that made you “a believer” that he is on Jeff Burum’s payroll?

          To answer your question, no, the “pressure” is not getting to me. In fact, I am looking forward to the appellate court ruling, which is expected any day now. Do you think that Mike Ramos secretly hopes they will lose their appeal so that they can consider going to the Supreme Court and possibly delaying the trial for another year or so? I do.

          • Ober Dober
            June 18 2013 some other site? wow . You’ve saved my comments from another site 2 and a half years ago? I’m not sure if I should be honored or freaked out, Now let me repeat WOW. Now, What other site? Are you talking about the site where the morons were trying to threaten the DA and county sups a week ago then the article disappeared, that site?

        • Repairman:

          1) I forgot to include adolescent name calling as one of your predictable responses; my apologies.

          2) Right on cue, you ignored the question and accused me of saving your old comments. As I have said before, I do not do so. Frankly, I try to forget most of them, such as the silly comments about Jeff Burum having two passports or what you think took place on Dan Richards Mountain Lion hunt in Idaho. The comment you made on the other site that I mentioned is available in their archives under the story that I cited. That was a very interesting story, and generated 97 comments, including yours.

          3) You first try to claim that you do not know what “site” I am talking about when I say the “other site,” and in the very next sentence establish that you clearly do. I am reminded of the old adage “You have to be smart to play dumb.” You haven’t quite gotten the first step down yet.

          4) I hear talk about how The Colonies are “trying to threaten” Mike Ramos, but have yet to see any examples cited. Perhaps you can enlighten us?

          • Obers
            #1 lighten up, buddy, you seem vary tense, ( at least I hope so)
            #2 why couldn’t he have lied and got another passport? You tell me what happened on that mountain lion killing, except that lion being chased down for hours by packs of dogs and riders on horse back finally up a tree where it was trapped waiting to be gut shot (as to not ruin its hide) by the greatly pampered hunter being brought to the scene by guides, who then hand him a rifle and point out the cat, and richards losing his position on the fish and game board over it. Oh I forgot the mountain lion dinner. yummy
            #3 do you believe me to be a mind reader when you say the other site? I guess for you there is only one other site, so again is it the site where the morons were trying to threaten the DA and county sups a week ago? you know The kenny show.
            #4 you must have missed it, ask them to put it up again, bet they won’t, it was only there a vary short time.

          • Repairman:

            1) I’m not tense at all, but I sometimes have a difficult time transitioning from debating rational people to debating those who resort to childish name calling, and it might be evidenced in my writing style.

            2) Your interpretation of the Dan Richards Mountain hunt sounds like something a group of radical PETA members would come up with on a feel good retreat at a petting zoo. I recommend some research into the rudimentary elements of Wildlife Management and Range Science, and checking out the Western Outdoor News story about the hunt.

            3) Your Jeff Burum could have lied and gotten another passport story sounds like something a fifth grade student would come up with after getting caught ditching vocabulary class, and not learning the difference between ”vary” and “very.” Do you think that when a new Passport is issued to replace a lost Passport, the new Passport has the same date as the lost Passport? As I said, you have to be smart to play dumb.

            4) You have been posting comments on both sites for a long time, at least up until you were banned from posting on the other site. Do you honestly expect anyone to believe that you did not know what site I was referring to when I referenced your comment on the “other site?”

            5) Are you going to identify any specific acts that support a contention that The Colonies are “trying to threaten” Mike Ramos? For the record, referencing an alleged “article” that supposedly “disappeared” is non responsive.

            6) Are you going to cite the language in the third Neil Derry article that made you “a believer” that he is on Jeff Burum’s payroll?

            7) Are you going to explain your flip flopping on the Mike Ramos campaign contribution violations?

          • Hey Repairman:

            Did you see the Associated Press article where a Mountain Lion snatched a family’s pet poodle out of their backyard in Burbank? Police are suggesting that residents “be on the alert” and “follow preventive measures.”

            I recommend that you contact the police and the residents and tell them how docile and cuddly Mountain Lions are, and that it probably just took the poodle for companionship. They are probably frolicking together in the woods right now, unless a hunter “trapped” and “gut shot” the poor Mountain Lion.

          • Obers
            Has the Burbank Police called in richards ? or haven’t they got it cornered in a tree yet? and do you suppose they will be having a lion BBQ afterward?

          • Repairman:

            I don’t know if the Burbank Police have contacted Dan Richards, but I wish they would tree it and kill it before the next thing it snatches out of a backyard is a young child.

            I guess you didn’t take my advice and do any research into Wildlife Management and Range Science. I didn’t think you would.

  3. While I’m not sure Derry is a hired gun for Colonies (that title now goes to former Sun editor-turned sell out Steve Lambert), he is obviously invested in some way in Colonies. Can’t forget that Jim Erwin, a defendant in the Colonies case, was Derry’s chief of staff at the time he was arrested, and that the only reason Derry got elected supervisor was due to Erwin, who as president of the SEBA union got SEBA to endorse Derry. And if you know this much, you can also find out very easily that Colonies contributed a boatload of money to SEBA’s campaign coffer at the time, which in turn got passed through to Derry’s campaign for supervisor in 2008.

    Derry, after being elected supervisor, gave Erwin the job as his chief of staff in appreciation for everything Erwin did for him.

    There’s a lot of debt owed, and Colonies, five years and millions of dollars in legal debt later, still obviously has enough dinero left over to keep the spin doctors working overtime, and the debtors hopping hopping like good little bunnies.

    The Daily Press didn’t even bother to note Erwin’s connection to Derry, yet opted to give Derry a 3-page platform to advocate for criminal defendants, himself a former one. You have to love the Daily Press in opening its editorial pages to spin doctoring and propaganda rather than sound editorials written by people without a dog in the fight or any financial or political motivation.

    But hey, the Daily Press obviously doesn’t consider that a standard and has no journalistic scruples. It has completely lost its credibility with me.

  4. I do not agree that the Neil Derry’s stories constitute old, rehashed news.

    I have been following the case closely for many years (as those who have accused me of actually being Jeff Burum will have to admit), and I do not recall ever hearing that county attorneys told the Board of Supervisors that The Colonies criminal prosecution “had no merit,” or that “The Attorney General’s office even argued before the court in July of 2011 in San Diego that the civil litigation between the County and Caltrans, SANBAG, and Upland be delayed as it could provide exculpatory evidence.”

    For a good example of rehashed news, check out many of Joe Nelson’s articles on The Colonies, which contain the exact language repeated over and over.

    As to the claim that The Colonies are trying to influence potential jurors, it was the prosecution who held the grandstanding press conferences; that seems to me to be more of an attempt to influence than three stories in a low profile newspaper.

    Even if Neil Derry is “on Jeff Burum’s payroll,” he has legitimate insight into what really happened, and I found his stories to be compelling.

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