I see Larry Walker is retiring

San Bernardino County

I know a lot of people that that will make happy.  What I worry about is that I bet the BOS appoints Matt Brown so that he can run for election as the incumbent and have the ballot title.  That would be shameful.

Matt Brown is a snake.  He wore a wire and narc’d off his boss, Paul Biane, to save his own sorry ass.  It should be Matt under indictment just like Mark Kirk.  Then sued the county complaining about harassment on the fifth floor and got a good settlement and transfer to work for Larry Walker.

Next he met with Janice Rutherford at Black Angus and have her information to help her beat Biane.  If that isn’t enough he is the son in law of Sandy Harmsen.  He is a real snake in the grass.

How much ya wanna bet that Rutherford tries to pay him back by engineering a BOS appointment to Walker’s position?

2 thoughts on “I see Larry Walker is retiring

  1. Either Oscar Valdez or Matt Brown. Neither holds a CPA or CIA to qualify for the auditor-controller position. They qualify based on holding the Assistant Auditor-Controller position for 3 years.

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