I kinda feel sorry for him

Colonies Four

I’m working on two big projects right now so I’m not sure when the next batch of articles will be coming out.  One will definitely be an Examiner article about today’s hearing, but it will be a much different perspective than what you read in the papers.

OOF made a comment about Ramos cheerleaders.  I don’t happen to be one.  In many ways I believe he has been a good DA.  But I’ve never hidden the fact there are certain things about the Colonies case that give me heartburn, especially two specific investigators.  At the same time, I’m convinced at least one defendant is guilty as sin.

Of the four defendants, the one I have the hardest time seeing how they will prove the charges against is Mark Kirk. As I’ve said before, I think he is guilty of greed and arrogance, but neither are crimes.

Others send me photos, Facebook screen prints, etc., or give me various updates on most of those involved in this whole mess.  I saw a photo of Kirk’s little boy along with a scripture he quoted today. His son is his spitting image.  I’ve heard that he genuinely believed the motion would be granted.  I bet he is really a bit heartbroken today.

From what I’ve heard, Kirk has gone back to his roots, meaning that Christ is playing an important role in his life again.  I’m glad to hear that.

As someone who had to sit in a hearing and have county representatives tell one lie after another about me, I can relate to what he is going through. I know how it feels to pray so hard for justice, only to see evil win.  I know what it feels like to feel completely abandoned by God.

But if there is one thing the past six years had taught me, it is that wrongs will be made right in God’s time and God’s way is always better.  Somehow things always work out like they should.

Eventually, this will all be over and everyone can get back to life.  Many of those taken down will rise up again.  That is the nature of their personalities.  I really hope that when Kirk is in a position of authority again, he remembers and is humbled by what he went through.  I truly believe it was his arrogance and unwillingness to do the right thing for those being persecuted by despotic county leaders that got him into this situation.  I’ve tried hard to get over my animosity towards him and I still have to work on it a bit.  I hope he learns his lesson and some humility along the way.

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  1. Then again, it may be that God does not want Kirk and others to have authority. Who has had the most authority over the past century.? Hitler? Stalin? Mao? Obama is always crying that the Republicans won’t let him do what is right. Devereaux is 2,563rd on the list

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