I hear the ISD folks are ecstatic over the Lamberto news

San Bernardino County

ISD is one of the divisions/departments Andrew Lamberto oversees for the county of San Bernardino.  For many years, they were some of my biggest supporters.  Most of contacts there have long since moved on because they were tired of being asked to do unethical things by unethical people.

For those that don’t know, ISD takes care of the county’s computer, phone, security and radio systems.  Those employees are placed in highly confidential situations yet are treated like crap by administration.

There is one story I always planned to write but things kept getting in the way.  I think I may have mentioned it on the blog at one point but I am not sure.  The employee that was asked to do the dirty work is long since gone so I shall tell a very brief version of it.

Back in 2009, I was contacted by an ISD employee who administered a chunk of the county’s security monitoring.  He told me that the county purchased a large quantity of pin-hole type cameras to install in private county offices, such as offices of supervisors and managers.  From what I remember the cameras were installed in the ceiling and due to the composition of the ceilings, occupants had no idea there were cameras up there recording everything they did behind closed doors.

In one instance, it could be said that a camera was being used to a good purpose, I suppose.  He was asked to go to the old TAD office in Barstow and install one in a supervisor’s office.  They recorded her without her knowing, of course, and found that she was having sex in her office with a client.

But, he was under the impression that not all cameras were being placed where employees were known to be doing something wrong.  Some were being placed for the sole purpose of spying on employees.

I had my own office for many years, long before this.  I can remember using my office to change my clothes before leaving for work, and other things I certainly would not want someone watching.  I mean what woman doesn’t fix her pantyhose or bra behind closed doors.  The whole thing stunk of voyeurism.

One of the things that held up the story was that I was trying to get a member of BOS interested.  But the problem with that was that board members brought in outside contractors to check for recording devices.  Mark Uffer and the Director of ISD at the time were known for spying on board members and department heads through a variety of means.  So, because they could afford to have their offices swept for spying devices, they didn’t care what employees had to go through.

I realize that there is only a limited expectation of privacy even in private offices, but offices are used for a variety of things.  Lactating employees will use them to pump breast milk; they are used to search individuals; they are used in medical emergencies; etc.  To think the county has some pervert in front a computer screen watching these things is really disturbing.  But that is San Bernardino County.  (Ok, I stand corrected.  The cameras record and then a group of perverts can watch the video over and over.)

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  1. This guy needs to be fired.

    Thank you Mr. Lamberto for OFFICIALLY joining the list of high ranking managers of the County who are corrupt in real life.

    As long as your employed, employees and their lawyers should subpoena YOU to the witness stand so you can give your expert opinion on the disciplinary process.

    You should have a detailed list some where that shows solicitation for prostitution is not necessarily a terminational offense.

    Or just wait for County Council to try and quash any subpoenas that come your way.

  2. This is the same guy that got on the witness stand and lied in Rex Gutierrez’ trial to cause him to be convicted. Of course Kirk, Derry and Biane all knew. They stood by and let it happen. Look at how much that saved their butts. Karma cones back every time.

  3. I wonder is there is any relation to the last minute retirement of Randall Huey, their “IT security” head less than 2 weeks ago? Another Steve Hall crony appointment with little experience that he brought over from HSS.

    He was also responsible for the cameras, and what most people do not know is that there is facial recognition running on parts of that camera system, creating a detailed log of where people are. Archived in a database. It’s all very hush-hush.

    Randys goodbye letter boasted that there had never been an intrusion since he arrived at ISD…. well, many of us remember a little virus that was promulgated throughout many of the county’s email servers that looked like a message from a co-worker that caused the exchange servers to be shut down a few months ago.

    And no one is watching those cameras. All the video is recorded and archived, so it can be watched later, again and again and again.

  4. Fact: Andrew and his good ol’ boy, former ISD Chief Steve Hall, hand picked Andrew’s BFF Jake Cordova for a Division Chief position. They tailored the requirements specifically for Jake only requiring 15 college units for a position that pays 130K a year and usually requires a Master’s Degree.

    Fact: Cordova is the division chief for the CSSD department at ISD. He has access to EVERY employees email, files, desktop computer and internet history. And up until recently managed all the camera systems. He is the man Lamberto calls when they are trying to dig up dirt on employees.

    Fact: Cordova had an affair with one of his married employees and remains in a relationship with her to this day. Lamberto was aware of this affair and Cordova went unpunished for sleeping with his employee. When news finally made it around ISD, she was re-stationed at the Taj. Why was he unpunished? Because ISD was moved under HR control a couple of years back and why would Andrew punish the crony who does his secret dirty work.

    Fact: Those tiny cameras are real. Cordova kept a sample ceiling tile in his office and bragged about it to several employees.

  5. Here’s another question/challenge for ya! Find another comparable sized business, public or private, that today has IT under HR? For at least the last 10 years , more like 20, IT is under the CIO, the Chief Information Officer, that is either equal to, or directly under the CEO. That thing called the information age!

    curiouser and curiouser1

  6. Is there any confirmation that his protégé from LA sheriff’s department, Cindy Silva/Munoz who used to be his ISD’s in-house network spy in HR, has left the county a while back? I wonder if she smelled the hooker perfume and took off…. good riddance btw… just distance herself from the Lamberto stank.

    Whoever got her is going to be in for a rude awakening.

  7. What about Lisa Cannon who cost the county a rather large sum of money due to her harrassment of employees? She got promoted/transferred to manage a larger group and has now managed to piss off both the fire and sheriff’s departments. Her boss, Tim Trager, never hears any of these complaints since he won’t bother to return phone calls or emails. He is so busy baby sitting his chosen few for his pet projects and has managed to perfect stealth technology! This is so typical of ISD to promote the incompetent!

    • Anonymous – You obviously were one of those she actually expected to do the job they were paid to do but did not. Maybe you are one of the people who don’t like having a woman in charge, who knows what your story is but the crap your spouting is just that. Lisa expects a days work for a days pay. Lisa is a supervisor and generally wants things done a certain way or a good reason how doing differently would be better. She is not unreasonable. And by the way it was not her who “cost the county a rather large sum of money” but rather the Jerks who thought they knew better and could not be supervised by a woman. By the way who made you spokesman for the fire department and the sheriffs department?

      Anonymous – You clearly don’t know Tim Trager or you would not spout off stupid ass comments about his “pet projects” which I am guessing you don’t realize those projects are to replacing an aging communications backbone and subscriber units for the entire county. After most county employee’s go home and sit on their buts, Tim is still grinding away building programming templates for subscriber units and a whole host of other details that there is inadequate time for during the day. Personally I know he does not get back to every one who calls or e-mails him (including me). What more important getting the new digital radio system on line or listening to a bunch of pompous asses complaining, bitching and just generally being self important obnoxious jerks.

      Hey just my opinion and how I see it. If you see it another way your obviously wrong and one of the obnoxious self important pompous asses. If your going to start shit about people you should look for the people who are not doing their jobs or are grossly incompetent. Look in your own backyard before you start complaining about your neighbors yard.

  8. In regards to Tim Trager’s chosen few, he allows 2 of them that reside in the high desert, to park their vehicles at the High Desert Government Center so they can commute to the valley on the taxpayer’s dime while the rest of the employees under him have to park their vehicles at their shop! Do I sense a little favoritism here?

  9. These allegations of hiding cameras in offices are interesting.

    If true those are serious felonies. Behind close doors of an office there has always been an expectation of privacy. Especially when private matters are being discussed.

    I do believe such conduct violates federal evasdropping statues.

    I can’t figure out if this was happening why one or more people didn’t get themselves a lawyer and blow the whistle?

    City of Ontario Police Department faced this very issue when Mr. Devereaux was the City Manager. Police management decided to put up a camera in the men’s locker room.

    The City lost that fight eventually. They got nailed for some retaliation to.

    When SBSD employees started carrying their own tape recorders, then had them issued to them, problems started to emerge on when one could use and not use them.

    I remember one employee tape recording a shift briefing and captured a Sergeant making some statements about someone that were less than professional. That’s when SBSD started making policy.

    The first one was NO tape recording briefings. The next step was NO taping conversations with Suoervisors EVEN in a public place.

    I think the next one was shutting down the tape under certain circumstances with the public in certain areas.

    The thought was if your not investigating a crime and in the actual performance of your duty, don’t tape! I think that was a Richard Beemer judicial opinion!

    The reason for that was to many supervisors were being outed for things they shouldn’t be doing or saying.

    The BOS sweeping their office for bugs but ignoring other areas is hilarious. Mr. Devereaux knows without question anything like that going on is a nightmare.

    Your one sick puppy to put up cameras in areas of privacy and watch whatever as a individual or select group.

    But I must say when I tape recorded my arrest of Bob Dutton’s DUI back in 1992, I didn’t tell anyone and then watched his supporters and minions including some SBSD mangers start spreading rumors in hopes of helping Dutton’s case was AWESOME, when I produced that tape to refute the BULLSHIT that came about.

    The moon walking backwards was PRICELESS!

    And I hammered the piss out of Dutton’s Private Investigator to.

    If I thought I was being video taped I’d be crawling up into that ceiling and get me a picture of the camera one way or another.

    Might even snatch it. The County loves to commit crimes in the furtherance of their agenda and expects the accused to stay within the law. TOO funny!

    I’d turn it over to my lawyer.

    DA Ramos charge me with theft of County property? Andy Lamberto author a termination?

    Yeah let’s see how that works out for them when KFI starts broadcasting that every half hour?

  10. One thing that cracks me up is people posting “why one or more people didn’t get themselves a lawyer and blow the whistle?” Do you realize that many, if not most, of county employees are barely making it? Try to find an attorney to take a case on contingency without a retainer, try it. I have and guess what; you’ll have a hard time finding one!

    Sure there are some county employees that are making big bucks, but they are the minority and they are the ones doing the wrongs.This is the misnomer, the public thinks the government employees have the outrageous salaries and benefits and that is just not true. Same for teachers, find me a k-12 teacher that has a retirement home in Malibu; you won’t because they don’t exist.

    For the most part it takes money to be a whistle blower and you’ve got to pay your bills for years, if ever, before you see any payoff and more than your average county employee has.

    • If you have serious evidence of someone planting cameras in offices yeah I can think of a couple lawyers who might take the case on a contingency.

      If you read the blogs enough then you might already know the names.

      You think all those who file civil rights claims pay money up front?

      Yes I am aware of what many county workers make.

  11. RE:Anonymous October 29, 2015. Look, here’s the deal, the county is rather large and there is a heap of radio and microwave equipment in the valley, the desert, the mountains and the river. Electronic equipment can fail just about anytime day or night, weather can cause damage to the sites not to mention damage caused by the human element. Note there is also a sheriff’s dispatch center located in the high desert with a lot of sensitive equipment. The Cajon Pass and the mountain roads can be problematic at times and prevent timely egress into the high desert when responding to trouble calls. We won’t even discuss the proverbial “big one” that will most likely prevent travel between the high desert and the valley.

    The people you are talking about are special projects personnel, they do not always work in the valley nor do they always start their day in the valley. They are good at what they do and they produce completed projects in a very timely fashion. So what if their work trucks are staged in the high desert. One of the people you refer to is on call 1 week out of four and is required to take their vehicle home, just like the guys in the valley.

    I drive down the hill every day because that is where I work and where I start my day. I have no heart burn with these guys bringing their work trucks up here why should you. It sound to me like you are one of my former fellow workers who always complained about this issue.

  12. Anon, the averafe US salary is $35,000. I think the public is comparing the public salaries to that, not to a retirement home in Malibu.

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