I guess now the Colonies Four are accusing Judge Smith’s clerk of being a liar and a record falsifier

Colonies Four

A couple of weeks ago we learned that the latest strategy of the Colonies Four defense team was to call into question the integrity of Judge Michael Smith and former assistant district attorney Jim Hackelman.  Now we learn that his clerk’s minute order is wrong and does not reflect what happened in the courtroom last week.  Apparently, the reporters who were in the courtroom are working in concert with her to defraud and mislead.

In the five years before that, the defense team used the other blog to accuse District Attorney Mike Ramos of being a drunk, a womanizer, incompetent, and a long list of other things.  They have filed a complaint against him with the State Bar in an attempt to get his bar card pulled.  They considered trying to set him up with a prostitute and getting it on tape to blackmail him.

They have attacked and defamed one or more FBI agents and gone so far as to claim there could be criminal action against one agent and that his promotion was actually disciplinary action.

They have suggested that all of the district attorney investigators have lied under oath and that some could be subject to criminal and civil actions.  They have referred to the deputy attorney general as a “dyke” and “boneable.”

They have threatened most, if not all, prosecution witnesses in one way or another, calling them derogatory and sometimes sexist or racist names.  They have threatened them with ruining their reputations and careers.

They have threatened the various members of the prosecution team with State Bar complaints and having their bar cards revoked.  They have also threatened them with levies upon their homes and retirement accounts.

They have threatened former judges who heard the case with complaints.  They have ridiculed members of the media in hopes of swaying articles written about the case.

They helped a tabloid owner become adjudicated in exchange for stories that promote most of the above.

They hired a private detective to hack a key witness’ cell phone.  They hired private detectives to follow and harass a variety of witnesses.

Keeping all of these threats and actions against everyone in this case in mind, does anyone think it is too far fetched to believe these thugs tried to blackmail two county supervisors over their lifestyle in order to get a majority vote in the approval of a $102 million settlement?  I didn’t think so.

3 thoughts on “I guess now the Colonies Four are accusing Judge Smith’s clerk of being a liar and a record falsifier

  1. I agree with a lot of the statements in the above post. Many comments made on the other site have been outrageous and preposterous.

    To be fair, however, there have been comments made on this site that are equally outrageous and preposterous.

    For example, “the integrity” of former Superior Court Judge Warner has been called into question many times. The retired Supreme Court Justice who was approved by both sides to mediate the settlement has been referred to as an “out of town judge” who approved the settlement in a hotel room on a weekend. Red Anon has disparaged the Boy Scouts of America, and Repairmen has insulted the U.S. Department of State and anybody else with a reasonable degree of intelligence with his theory that Jeff Burum has two Passports.

    As to the defendant’s attempts to sway the local media, they would have to sway it a long way just to get it back to the center. In the past five years, I have yet to read an objective and unbiased story about the case in The Sun.

    And for the record, Judge Smith clearly felt that one of the District Attorney’s investigators displayed conduct that was less than exemplary, and I believe it’s a fact that the FBI was caught lying about what offices they entered when they raided in Jeff Burum’s office.

    No, it’s “not too farfetched” to believe that the defendants “blackmailed two county supervisors.” Conversely, it’s “not too farfetched” to believe that the District Attorney is using his power and taxpayer money to prosecute his political adversaries.

    Fortunately, when the prosecution finally has to start proving their case in a courtroom, they will have to do with actual admissible evidence, and the facts will come out. I continue to look forward to that day.

  2. When the list of witnesses is released, oh wait it will more then likely be placed under seal by the judge until 60 days before the trial.

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