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San Bernardino County Sheriff

Someone asked me in a comment on the story below what I think of Sheriff John McMahon.  At this point I still support him and think he is doing a good job.  However, I also continue to have the same issue I have always had and that is in his choice for promotions.  I just don’t see how you can justify some of them.

This latest sergeant sent to WVDC is a perfect example.  She is the daughter of former brass.  From what I’ve been told she has never written a ticket, a report, or a search warrant.  She has never investigated anything. She has never made an arrest. She has never had anything to do with a use of force.  So how the heck does she supervisor others, and especially how the heck does she deal with the many use of force complaints she will see at WVDC?  This does not make sense.

But honestly, all of this is small potatoes in comparison to another situation that has yet to hit either blog.  That situation has the potential of taking out both Ramoses, Devereaux, two or more judges, and possibly McMahon. And likely quite a few others. I can’t write about it.  I keep hoping someone leaks it to Jim or Mark Gutglueck.

I know an outside agency is investigating but I don’t have a lot of faith.  I want to see the FBI investigate but getting witnesses to cooperate on their own is not a task I’m up to or capable of.  I keep hoping the FBI stumbles across the situation on their own.  It goes to the crux of the corruption that is San Bernardino County.

I will continue to support those of our elected leaders who I have not personally witnessed do unethical or illegal acts.  And I will continue to try to have faith that while the FBI is here, they will conduct real investigations and not just sweep things under the rug in the name of maintaining the status quo or keeping certain politicians happy.  Once there is substantial proof, then the game changes.  But I’ve seen too many cases where everything just goes away, such as with POST, and everyone skates.  I got really tired of spinning my wheels for nothing.

I often take issue with the “bad cop” stories I see over at inlandpolitics.  There are several reasons for that.  First, I get sick of loser Shrader’s stupid comments.  Second, I do think a certain amount of it is simply disgruntled former cops.  And third, well you all know what I think of certain people’s investigative skills.

But I can also tell you that most of those stories and a whole lot more I have been sitting on for a very long time.  I made a conscious decision to pass the torch to them when it comes to many of those type of stories.

Honestly, I don’t care that that POS punk murderer got his genitals tased 70 times.  It’s not that I support jailhouse justice.  Certainly, if there is any truth to it, those involved should be fired and criminally charged.  I just don’t happen to believe the little punk.  And the same goes for many of the other crybaby crooks.  As Barretta used to say . . .

On the other hand, cops who victimize hard-working citizens, such as with ticket quotas, impounding vehicles under questionable situations, making arrests they know they shouldn’t, refusing to enforce court orders, etc., well I have no problem whatsoever writing about them.  They harm the very fabric of the community.  If the FBI finds evidence of wrongdoing, I hope all who had a hand in it get charged no matter how far up the ladder it goes.

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  1. Thanks for the reply…….. I am a bit of a simpleton in that as the sheriff, you have the ultimate say so, PERIOD. He has not chosen to right several wrongs in the past or present which can only lead to one conclusion in my view, and that’s he’s incompetent or complacent and approves of what’s going on. How else can one argue other wise? Your promotion examples are spot on. What is promoted speaks volumes as to what is excepted behavior and how low the expectations are of someone just as long as they have family pushing them. Things are continuing in the wrong direction, STILL……. McMahon can no longer blame the leader before him, it’s his watch and he has done SOME good things, but by far more he is still on the same o’l sheet of music..

    • I understand what you are saying. I worked for the department under Tidwell. He spent many days in our office. The HD was his playground in more ways than one. I saw the corruption up close and personal. My life was turned upside down while Hoops was sheriff. Again, I saw the corruption up close and personal.

      As I’ve written before, we will not have a perfect Sheriff until Christ himself gets elected to the office. McMahon is not perfect but in comparison to the two I just named, he is a saint.

      Should he be doing more to clean things up? Probably so. But I’ve worked for my share of high ranking and elected officials. If there is one thing I can tell you, it is the media gets it wrong more than they get it right. Very often news reports do not reflect reality.

      And court complaints and motions are just one side of the story, often embellished with important negative facts left out.

      So, I’m taking a wait-and-see approach. If McMahon is the crooked bastard they claim on the other blog, I hope he goes down. But I want to see the results of an independent investigation before I make that claim.

      Unlike my personal experiences with Tidwell and Hoops, I have found McMahon to be upfront and hard working. Was it a fascade? Possibly. Time will tell.

      • Fair enough, can’t find any faults in your response…… Time will always give us the truth, eventually!!!! lOl

  2. I really don’t believe that the FBI will stumble upon anything because, so far, I am not impressed with their investigative skills. In my opinion, they are not asking the right questions or the right people. And I have no doubt that if they questioned the right people then they would receive reluctant but honest answers.

    • Part of the problem is people’s unwillingness to talk to the FBI. If they are unwilling to come forward, there is only so much the FBI can do.

      • Most people don’t know who to talk to or who to call. And others won’t say anything unless they are asked

  3. I contacted the FBI about a matter, and I was told by their office that they will not investigate what they are not willing to prosecute themselves. I inferred that maybe some things are too small for their office and should be handled at the local level. But, one can imagine that is not happening due to local politics…

  4. “This latest sergeant sent to WVDC is a perfect example. She is the daughter of former brass. From what I’ve been told she has never written a ticket, a report, or a search warrant. She has never investigated anything. She has never made an arrest. She has never had anything to do with a use of force. So how the heck does she supervisor others, and especially how the heck does she deal with the many use of force complaints she will see at WVDC? This does not make sense.”

    The above applies to 90% of SBSD deputies.

    When chaff is all that’s available, chaff is what’s SB County resident will get

  5. Unfortunately, that kind of sergeant promotion is very common on the sheriff’s department. I have seen highly qualified seasoned deputies and detectives get passed over for promotions while inexperienced deputies and detectives get promoted because of who they know or who they are related to on the department. What I have seen is the wheat is trampled on while the chaff rises to the top.

  6. We need to pray and ask God together to stop this corruption in the County of San Bernardino,it is a real problem….
    I have interpreted 7 prophesies from Revelations …..the first in the world,and a good friend of an undercover sheriff boss in the county has been stealing my wisdom,and when I was running from God he has had me up for sale on the internet,collecting on that too he thinks??
    Billions…while God watches the devil use the least likely vessels to keep this town in a very sad condition.
    There now stealing from God and as we band together in prayer sending our requests to heaven ….God will come through and check these wicked people,because the wicked store up riches for the righteous!
    Its prophesy I am a prophet of the lord Jesus Christ,pray strong and see God rescue this town with the righteous!!

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