Here is CBS Los Angeles’ version of the Lamberto story

Andrew Lamberto

For those of you that may not have seen the story CBS did on the arrest and conviction of San Bernardino County Human Resources Director Andrew Lamberto, here is the video. I think they did a decent job.  They captured the situation without bias.

6 thoughts on “Here is CBS Los Angeles’ version of the Lamberto story

  1. He knows where the bodies are buried. There is no way the elected officials are going to chance him singing like a canary. They need to keep him happy. And on their side.

  2. The comment made about others seeking jobs would not be able to get a job with that in their background says A LOT! Bend over people we are going to take it up the behind once again.

  3. Some one mentioned that Lambarto had been disciplined already, so there is nothing else that can be done? Interesting point and not the first time this topic came up.

    Remember what happened in the POST scandal?

    Before the scandal broke its reported the Grays had been disciplined. Captain Gray paid the money back, retired. Angela was transferred to another location. 5 others were supposedly disciplined.

    Sheriff Hoops scoofed at the implication of a wide spread malfeasance.

    As the scandal grew we saw a lot of sudden retirements.

    Suddenly there is a news conferance with the DA announcing Grand Jury indictments.

    After months of foot dragging plea agreements are reached with a couple. We find out a couple months later the charges are now expunged, probation is terminated charges dropped on others, case closed.

    Then we see ANOTHER administrative investigation take place on Angela Gray. Lots of POST issues being brought up again or so it seems.

    My point is the “double jeopardy” seems like a standard for WHO?

    Fire this guy and let him argue any “double jeopardy” issue. I would love to see the “hatchet man” argue how his firing is illegal and then justifie his signing off on many other questionable terminations and employee actions.

    Doesn’t Lambarto serve at the PLEASURE of the County? Does he have civil service protection? I don’t think so. How about a employment contract?

    Or just cut him a check like they do others and send him down the road.

    What’s a 6 digit figured check to the county based on what we have seen to date?

    Just think if this had involved the Director of Parks and Recreation this would be a non issue quickly.

    Yes I know what I said earlier about body’s being buried. What a cluster F$$$ Lambarto and Devereaux have created for FUTURE employee matters if nothing else.

    • Although part of me agrees they should just cut him loose, remember what happened with Mark Uffer. No, he doesn’t have civil service protection and I do not believe he is on contract. He is at will. But he knows the county better than anyone so why not sue? He will use the double jeopardy claim whether it is valid or not. Don’t be surprised to see a deal cut or Lamberto fired for no cause. The BOS is in meltdown over this. They just might prefer to deal with this a year down the road after it has all died down. It is not their money after all.

  4. i would love to argue the MONEY factor but that’s a lost cause in light of the MILLIONS paid out on numerous fronts in the last 3 years.

    The County goes up to attorney’s Raj Maline and Dale Galipo in Federal Court as the jury pool is coming in and asks, “how much do you want to settle this case”? $5 million case closed.

    The Adelanto Jail project runs $25 million over budget. Now the County has given a law firm $700k to sue the construction company.

    We learn later the County tells the state the project is done so they can collect $100 million in grants, ONLY to learn of ANOTHER $300k paid out to FIX extensive water damage from a recent storm on construction NEVER completed or sub standard.

    In Civil Service hearings a argument has been tried more than once hiring hearing Officer David Hart is cost effective for the County and other parties because he is the cheapest of all the other hearing officers! WOW there is a real bargain!

    Almost in the same breath we learn the county has spent hundreds of thousand in summary judgment motions trying to keep elected officials off the witness stand or to protect them from liability.

    I see the motions to quash Ruth Stringers and Mitch Norton subpoenas was done by a outside law firm. Undoubtedly those lawyers will be in court come Friday October 30. So how much was spent there?

    What did the County spend in outside lawyers to go after Travis Bauer?

    The list is SO long at this time one is to believe the County is worried about money?

    The ONLY thing the County is worried about is DIRT being exposed.

    We know that’s true with the County’s famous “confidentiality” clause that has NO standing because it’s taxpayer money being payed out.

    Yeah the brilliance is glaring!

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