Did Bob Blough get away with the theft?

Bob Blough

It sure feels that way.  But I’m assured by numerous inside sources that the investigation is far from over.

For those who don’t remember, Bob Blough was the General Manager of the San Bernardino Public Employees Association.  He is accused of stealing more than $700,000 from the union.

Well, if they had listened to me back in 2006, they could have avoided all of this.  But they didn’t.  As a matter of fact, then-board president Scott Ryan not only would not listen, but was instrumental in helping Blough kick me out of the union so I could not look at the books.  Anyone who thinks Ryan is innocent in all of this is smoking crack.

And Ryan, conspired with none other than Colonies Four defendant Mark Kirk and unindicted co-conspirator (or whatever he was) then-Chairman of the Board Gary Ovitt.  They not only cost me a lot, but they hurt every county employee with their greed, arrogance and corruption.

So, I hope my sources are correct.  I will know that a real investigation was done if certain people in addition to Bob Blough are indicted or charged.  I’m not holding my breath, but you never know.

3 thoughts on “Did Bob Blough get away with the theft?

  1. How long does it take to file embezzlement charges? Ah it must be more complex than the Colonies case?

    Did Blough hide his money in the Camen Islands or what?

    Just charge the guy if you can prove just one count then delay everything while you continue to dig.

    Seems to SOP around here.

    Of course the tons of money thrown at the DA by Blough and his band of clowns COULD BE problematic for someone.

    Maybe the Attorney General should investigate? Oh wait, she has her hands full dealing with prosecutorial misconduct cases in Orange County and elsewhere!

    Mikey can call the FBI and ask for their assistance?

    Or is Mikey just trying to step around a bunch of land mines in this case and still figuring out how to be the best public corruption fighter in the State?

    This case just adds to the rest of the growing mess.

  2. My my my my……on and on it goes……we ‘bin callin’ this county the wild west since I landed here in ’64…….

  3. Carma is a bitch……..couldn’t have happened to a better guy. Hope the other culpret Union Reps get there’s too.

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