Biting the hand that may feed you

Sheriff John McMahon

This post is a continuation of the Stephen Larson and Jeff Burum post.  As I said in a completely unrelated post, you can’t fix stupid.

I realize there are many on the other blog that have a problem with the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department.  Few have had a problem with Sheriff McMahon personally, but they sure have made it personal.

If I had a long list of felonies hanging over my head, I am not sure I would dedicate my blog to finding corruption–real or imagined–in the very system that might house my butt for some time.  But, as I said, you can’t fix stupid.

There are issues at the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department.  There have always been issues and there will always be issues.

Let’s take, for example, the quota issue.  Back in 1985/1986 when I worked for the department, one of my jobs was to prepare the grant reports for the S.T.E.P Team.  I also prepared all of the WPEs for those deputies who were part of the team.  That was 30 years ago and Floyd Tidwell was sheriff.  And guess what?  There were implied quotas.

I am not suggesting that quotas are right or legal.  What I am saying is that they are not something Sheriff McMahon created.  And he likely was not aware of the specific situation until a lawsuit was threatened.

And that is true of many of the accusations being made on the other blog.  McMahon did not invent this stuff.  Should he be dealing with it?  Absolutely.  But to my knowledge there is not a single member of the executive staff writing on the other blog.  Unless, you are on the Executive Staff, you don’t know what the heck you are talking about.

The FBI is here.  They are looking at a situation or two.  I am rather positive that if they find wrongdoing by McMahon we will hear about it.  Until then, it is all speculation.  And I don’t believe for one moment they give a rat’s ass what a bunch of disgruntled former employees and criminal defendants have to say about the sheriff.  They will look at the facts, not a bunch of innuendo, rumor and wishful thinking by those that have personal agendas.

And that is what makes what Erwin is doing so stupid.  This does not benefit him or the members of the Colonies Four.  He just ends up looking like another crook trying to discredit law enforcement.

In the end maybe McMahon will be forced into retirement.  Or maybe he will just get sick of all of the crap and retire to Idaho.  Or maybe he will stay and fight.  I don’t know.  The reality is no one on these blogs knows the whole story.  But I do know, that outside of the dozen people on the other blog, most think Sheriff McMahon is a good sheriff, me included.  Yes, there are things I would like to see him change, especially in terms of promotions.  But as I said during the election, the only way we will have a perfect sheriff is if Jesus Christ himself decides to run.  Otherwise, we will have a sheriff with flaws.

I do know that I would not waste my days trying to piss him off at every turn, accusing him of crazy stuff that any cop with even the most rudimentary detective skills would know is not true.  But then again, so far I haven’t managed to get arrested three times and have a long list of felonies hanging over my head.  I suspect that Jeff Burum, Paul Biane and Mark Kirk will own Jim Erwin another gigantic “thank you” down the road.


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  1. Gadflies will circle donkeys’ rear ends for whiffs of latest flatulence. Their stenches precede them.

    The fact is SBSD is plagued with very serious systemic problems that might be beyond the ability of McMahon to repair. It is an agency is disarray and confounded in confusion. It seems to hire from its pool of inmates.

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