Another huge embarrassment for the County of San Bernardino – Final Version

Andrew Lamberto

Yesterday’s revelation that San Bernardino County Human Resources Director Andrew Lamberto was arrested for and convicted of soliciting a prostitute is yet one more black eye for the County of San Bernardino.  Lamberto was convicted in August 2015.  The Orange County District Attorney’s Office released his name along with four others on September 2, 2015.

Lamberto must submit to an HIV test and education, give a DNA sample, and perform 10 days of CalTrans service in lieu of jail time.  He will be on probation for three years.

There are several things that are interesting about this.  County policy now requires that employees notify human resources when they are arrested, although possibly not in this case.  In Lamberto’s case, that would be Chief Executive Officer Greg Devereaux.

Obviously, if Lamberto followed human resources policy, if needed, which as the director of human resources he certainly should, then Devereaux has known for months about Lamberto’s arrest.  His conviction was more than two months ago.  Why has this all been kept hush-hush?

Well, for one, it does not appear that Deveraux ever shared this information with the Board of Supervisors.  In other words, they learned of this situation from me, someone most of them hate.  Or in the alternative, they knew about it and were part of the cover-up.  Either way, it is embarrassing.

San Bernardino County has been a leader in fighting human trafficking.  District Attorney Mike Ramos created C.A.S.E.—Coalition Against Sexual Exploitation. C.A.S.E. brought together a partnership of county departments including the District Attorney’s Office, Sheriff’s Department, Probation Department, County Superintendent of Schools, Department of Children and Family Services, Public Defender, and Department of Behavioral Health.  And when that was not enough, he formed the San Bernardino County District Attorney’s Office Human Trafficking Prosecution Unit.  He started the Stop the John program.

Now, one of San Bernardino County’s top administrators, third in command, is busted for soliciting a prostitute.  And the county does nothing about it until someone tips off a meaningless little blog that no one reads.  I sent all five BOS members an email to their personal accounts last night with a link to the press release.  I wonder how many of them were shocked and how many of them were pissed that the dirty little secret was finally exposed.

It really goes to show you that nothing has changed in San Bernardino County except for the names.  The corruption remains the same except it is getting more sophisticated.

9 thoughts on “Another huge embarrassment for the County of San Bernardino – Final Version

  1. So it is confirmed! Man, this is good! I hope to see a resignation soon! Maybe two! Lamberto and Devereaux! Next Board of Supervisors meeting should be fun!

  2. I would not hold my breath. They will certainly find a way around it regarding Devereaux and it would not surprise me if Lamberto gets a slap on the hand and continues in his position. About the only thing this stopped for sure is Lamberto becoming the next CEO.

  3. Well I sure hope you are wrong. The County is in the middle of an economic re-opener negotiation right now and this can’t bode well for either the Director or the CEO.

    • I hope I am wrong too. But I’ve come to have very low expectations for our BOS. If you expect them to take the low road, there are far fewer surprises and disappointments.

  4. You know he will just needs to say he has an addiction problem.The County will just offer counseling and give him a reprimand or a promotion.

  5. Here’s what I find really weird about this; the biggest local paper, the SB Sun hasn’t printed a peep about this. Is the Sun really not a news entity at all? I can understand them being in the counties pocket and trying to keep it quiet but now it’s out there, I would think it would be kind of embarrassing; I mean, come on!

    Help, I’m slipping into the twilight zone!

    • I know Joe is working on it. Whether Frank Pine quashes it or waters it down for Devereaux remains to be seen.

  6. All I can say is he needs to MAN up an resign , we tried to impeach Clinton ,we can’t fire this guy . He supervises the HR dept and make decisions on employee conduct ie: sexual harassment ,how can he hold is head up what woman will go to him and expect fair treatment I hear he is a joker and flirt

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