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San Bernardino County

I’m looking for anything to do with TAD, specifically Nancy Swanson.  My understanding is that she will be retiring soon (any time in the next couple years soon) and will be replaced by Gilbert Ramos.  Yes, her successor is already chosen without a recruitment.

If there is anything we need to know about Ramos, send it my way.  I only had one contact with him back in 2009.  I found him to be very nice and to be one of the most competent TAD managers I had ever come in contact with.  Of course, he was nervous even meeting with me.  I’m sure he was on his best behavior.  If he really is a good guy, well then more power to him.  But I’d sure like to prevent another Nancy dictatorship if that is not the case.

I’m also looking for anything to do with Linda Haugan.  She is a criminal in my book and belongs in federal prison.  She’s been untouchable so far, but you never know what might come out now that her two protectors, Andrew Lamberto and Greg Devereaux, are on the hot seat.

I will not ever give up until Sandy Harmsen is caught.  I think she is probably THE biggest crook in all of San Bernardino County government.  If anyone has any updates about whatever federal programs she is scamming these days, I’d love to hear about them.

Finally, there is the Devore Animal Shelter.  If the average person ever realized what goes on in that hell hole, there would be outrage. At this point Brian Cronin and Doug Smith have been protected by Greg Devereaux and Josie Gonzales.  We know we need to get the state involved to get anything done because local law enforcement will not touch them no matter how many crimes are committed there.  I NEED documentation.

I have one more but it is a story a bit too hot to touch right now.  I want to see what happens with Devereaux first.

Use the contact form on the menu at the top to send me whatever you have.  And, by all means, please make others aware that there is a place looking for their information.

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