Activists call for Devereaux’s ouster

SBCo. Board of Supervisors

Last week at the regular meeting  of the San Bernardino County Board of Supervisors, activists finally had a chance to weigh in on the county’s handling of the arrest and conviction of its human resources director, Andrew Lamberto, for soliciting an undercover law enforcement officer for an act of prostitution.   Activists called for the dismissal of Chief Executive Officer Greg Devereaux due to his handling of the personnel matter that ultimately ended with the board having to buy Lamberto’s resignation.

Lamberto was arrested last March and notified Devereaux.  He was convicted in August and again notified Devereaux.  Rather than Devereaux letting the Board of Supervisors know of the arrest and conviction so that they could weigh in on the situation, Devereaux swept it under the rug.

Lamberto served as third in command of the county and often acted on behalf and spoke on behalf of the board of supervisors.  The arrest was especially embarrassing to the board as they fund strong anti-human-trafficking measures in the county.

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6 thoughts on “Activists call for Devereaux’s ouster

  1. First off who are the activists?

    This has become hilarious as Devereaux doesn’t have a consistent blanket of dirt on him as compared to Mike Ramos and John McMahon.

    Yes I know those two are elected, but you cannot ignore what is WELL documented in official court documents.

    Their actions to date trump anything Devereaux has done.

    You mention loss of money to taxpayers on Lamberto like it’s significant compared to civil rights violations? That’s laughable!

    If Lamberto wanted to he could hold the County to that “last chance agreement”. It’s a contract like anything else.

    Since he was already disciplined he might be able to fight a transfer to another position.

    Josie Gonzales has her own serious problems on the horizon and it’s nothing compared to what Lamberto did.

    The unions and others had plenty of opportunities to take Devereaux and Lamberto right along with his minions to task and they didn’t. In fact they covered for those two and their crews and have been for a very long time.

    Now there suddenly concerned? LMAO!

    Tell your activists friends to do their homework before they look like fools.

    A decent employment lawyer would eat the BOS alive on their failures to take action on many other significant issues.

    Patterns and practices it’s called. Read some of the recent lawsuits out there you will see that term mentioned more than once.

    This human trafficking thing you mentioned is another joke!

    Where are the arrests and prosecutions?

    FACTS, SPECIFICS is what is needed. General comments mean nothing!

  2. Deveraux is a little nazi A hole, nobody doubts that, he didn’t earn that nick name while in Ontario for his compassionate union loving side. As an employee, I couldn’t stand him or what he stood for. He is a vengeful angry little man who can’t stand unions or those who oppose him. WITH THAT SAID, as a tax payer, I wouldn’t want anyone else. He is a penny pinching, money hoarding genius. He is truly a CAO god among other CAO nerd wannabees. Unfortunately this BOS is so inept and clueless, they gave him so much power and have allowed him to run unchecked. ITS THEIR OWN DAM FAULT…….. The deal he got rivals that of Bell Gardens (minus the actual salary) but everything else (power and authority and job security wise) he scored!!!

    I doubt the tax payers, those at least see the results, want him gone. But as an employee, it’s the only chink in his armor in YEARS and its all they have to exploit. So have at it, it’s your one and only shot, he wont slip like that again, rest assured.

  3. He may not do such mistake again, however all it takes is a hiccup at election time and some of the Supersvisors find themselves out.

  4. sure but the voters are stupid we’ve seen that in the past. I don’t expect the future to be different.

  5. Kenny, you are missing some things on this one. The issues are basic between rule by the will of the people and rule by the autocracy.

    A vote of the majority of the board to fire the CEO works because it represents the majority of the elected representatives of the people. How can the CEO negotiate a contract that it takes 4 out of 5 supervisors to fire him, even those elected to a future board of supervisors. An electorate may elect a majority of the board with the express desire to fire the CEO. The contract would say that they can’t. The State Constitution would say that they could. Who would win?

    I think that Devereaux’s contract was void by the get go, but I have no standing, not living in San Bernardino County. No one with standing cared to challenge the contract. Devereaux has now allowed himself to be caught behaving like a despot and not appropriately deaing with the Lamberto situation. He has opened himself up to a constitutional challenge to his original contract that I do not believe he could defend in any court.

    It does not matter who has done worse. It does not matter the smallness of the Lamberto misdemeanor. It is a question for the California Supreme Court whether or not Devereaux can contract away the will of the people of San Bernardino County through rhei elected representatives.

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