A great statement from Wert

Andrew Lamberto

This is from the Press Enterprise version:

Asked why officials waited seven months to disclose the conviction, county spokesman David Wert said that the statement was a response to a blog posting earlier this week.

“Apparently, someone found a court record of it,” Wert said. “And since it was out there … ”

Now what does that say? They had no intention of telling us.

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  1. Sharon first of all THANK YOU for once again helping ensure that the residents and employees of San Bernardino County are staying informed on what is really going on downtown. If not for your article we would never have known about what took place with Andrew Lamberto, and Wert’s statement proves that. As head of HR Andrew Lamberto is supposed to be leading with integrity and ensuring that all employees are following the ethical standards set by his office and promoting such said ethics- how is that even possible now? As an HR leader he supposed to lead by example And consistently adhere to the code of ethical behavior of HR profession. If you do a simple Google search on the essentials every human resource leader should have it makes it pretty clear that he has no business staying in this position. I am going to put my faith behind our BOS to do the right thing.

  2. While I typically avoid responding to rumors, I did hear that Mike Ramos is already on the case.

    He supposedly told James Ramos that if he doesn’t act like this is a big deal, its going to more difficult to make a big deal about the prostitutes Jeff Burum allegedly hired.

    Of course, that’s just a rumor.

  3. “Wow!

    We have sexual crimes in the house….? NICE! Do you really think it is the first… Just going to go away, right!

    Has there been reports of sexual harassment in the past?”

    • What planet are you from? Sexual harassment has never been found offensive in this county. At least not to management or the offender, only to the victim which they’ve never given a s*** about in any way shape or form.

      • Very true. In this County sexual harassment has been overlooked and its the victims that get the bad end of the stick. I have seen it happen in my department over and over.

    • I personally sat in Andrew Lamberto’s office and told him and Bob Windle about my boss Fred at ARMC. A coworker had carpel tunnel and was wearing a wrist brace. Fred walks up to her and asks about her wrist. He then tells her it is not job related but rather it is because she gives her boyfriend too many hand jobs while pretending he is holding a penis and giving a hand job. Andrew thought it was funny. Bob kinda blushed. It was only the tip of the iceberg of what I told them. Any bets on whether Fred is still employed?

      • My bet is Fred was promoted with a glowing performance review. Your coworker is no longer employed after getting multiple bad performance reviews (exaggerated, blatantly false, creative reprimands), and a padded personnel file, repeated harassment for various non-issues, to the point she either moved to another office, left the county, or was fired. It is the standard MO.

  4. No one gets caught on his first act of criminality. So how long has this john been soliciting prostitutes? How elaborate is his devotion to prostitution? Does he have a Craig’s List account? Is he on sex Websites?

    Anyone with even tangential connection to the criminal justice system knows that prostitutes are high STD risk. So this guy would have to have a sex problem to take such a risk.

    He lives in Mission Viejo, and he was convicted at South Court in OC. So he was probably arrested by OC sheriff. The OC sheriff has always aggressively investigated and arrested sex criminals. Sex criminals usually commit more serious sex crimes. So this guy might be good for other sex crimes.

    I’m not sure of his employment status. If he’s an at will employee, he ought to already have been fired. If not, his employment contract might contain a morals clause. Either way, he’s an expensive nightmare waiting to happen. Worse, his next sex crime might be a lot more serious than prostitution. If half of what I’ve read about this guy, he’s weird. He’s a California Penal Code Section 290 waiting for opportunity.

    I wonder whether his arrest and conviction were covered in the “OC Register”. His neighbors ought to know that they’re living in proximity to a sex criminal. His neighbors deserve to be able to keep their children safe.

    This guy needs to to be fired. Keep this issue at the forefront of coverage thus forcing the BOS to respond.

  5. You only need to look within HR and see how many promotions, hires have happened because of sexual favoritism and preferential treatment. Offender #1, the assistant HR director and go down.

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