A couple of SBSD updates

San Bernardino County Sheriff

We have a little more information on the alcohol incident involving prisoners.  It seems the incident involves the captain of the Rancho Cucamonga station.  It happened in October or November, possibly around a Halloween event or the Founders Day Parade.

The captain called the jail and asked for inmate workers to clean up after the event, which from what I’m told is a problem all of its own as these were court-ordered workers.  Whatever the event, alcohol was involved, which I also have to wonder about if it was a city-sponsored event.  The captain thought it was a good idea to let the workers have the leftover alcohol.  One inmate declined, fearing he would get in trouble for it but the others were more than willing to partake.

I guess this captain is not all that popular with their staff and deputies spread the word.  I’m told a report or report(s) were made to outside agencies as they feared retaliation and assumed the matter would be covered up.  So far, it has been covered up but I hear that may not last much longer.

A second update involves the lawsuit regarding ticket fixing, etc., out of the high desert.  At least two of the three involved have been contacted by the FBI for interviews.  They have been assured they are not targets.

But the really big story with this one may be yet to come.  It seems Assistant Sheriff Ron Cochran is going to be deposed.  He has said he will not lie.  He has set his last day at the office to coincide with his deposition date.  We shall see if he sticks to his guns and tells the truth.  It is my understanding that one witness has already recanted and the county has asked to settle.

4 thoughts on “A couple of SBSD updates

  1. What are your feelings about McMahon on these issues? In other words, do you think he was implicit in exposing these issues and correcting them, or more along the lines of trying to keep them quiet and quash them,, ie the usual cover up? I think McMahon can play a politician with the best of them, but behind the scenes is still as crooked as a question mark. Your thoughts?

  2. I get so tired of seeing stories where someone in the executive staff knows/does something and the public is expected to believe nobody else on the staff, or the sheriff himself ever knew about it. Oh please. We would not give Obama this pass, why are we giving it to the Sheriff??? The top answers to it all. Period. If Cochran knew it, they all did. I hope he steps up instead of covering it all up for the rest of them. Let the chips fall for a change. Do the right thing.

  3. Sure sounds like the captain involved sought to aid and abet the commission of a felony which would’ve made him a principal to that felony; hence, a felon.

    There is a reason SBSD is poorly thought of by other law enforcement agencies.

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