While waxing philosophical, Plato realized he was in big trouble


Plato is a beautiful brown and white pit bull terrier mix with maybe some weimaraner thrown in who has discovered he is in really big trouble.  The big smush face trembles at the thought of what his future may hold for him.  He knows right now it is bleak.

Plato is a resident of the Moreno Valley Animal Shelter.  He has been there since March 8, 2016, and that makes him a long-term resident.  In the world of dogdom, being a “long-term resident” of an animal shelter could mean death.  He does not know when his number will be up.

When a transporter went to the shelter to pick up another dog, a vet tech insisted he meet Plato.  He says that Plato is the “most submissive dog ever.”  He says Plato has “zero aggression.”  Plato is so submissive that it is possible he was beaten at some point in his life.

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