What is the reason for the killing spree at Devore?


For several months now my inbox fills every day with stories of animals at the Devore Shelter being murdered the moment they become available for adoption, while rescues are in the lobby trying to fill out paperwork to pull them, and others who are highly adoptable with a lot of interest.  This is often being done when there is no need to kill for space.  It has become epidemic.

It is hard to say what the reason is for sure.  I’ve seen the justifications from those who run the shelter and they always try to put it back on the rescues and owners.  I’m not sure how one can blame a rescue that is literally in the lobby filling out the paperwork to pull a dog that is brought in the back and killed with the rescue standing right there.  But it is happening.

As I said things started really going down hill a few months ago.  That is about the same time that members of Animal Control let rescuers know of a hostile work environment situation.  According to sources from inside Animal Control, a certain high-ranking A/C official is having an affair with the highest ranking official in another of the county’s shelters.  The affair is being conducted on county time and involves use of a county vehicle.  The two shelters are many, many miles apart, requiring an hour-plus drive on difficult roads, which is not something that would normally be undertaken on any regular basis.

These same A/C sources claim that the husband of said female wrote a letter to the Board of Supervisors complaining about the county allowing this to happen on county time and with county resources.  So far, there is no indication that board members were advised of it, leaving me to believe 1) no such letter exists or 2) the letter was intercepted by the CEO or kept hush-hush by the chairman.

Everyone in the rescue community is scratching their heads wondering why Devore is becoming so much more difficult to deal with.  It was already the worse shelter in California, but it is so much worse.  A lot of rescuers feel like they are being punished but don’t know why.  Is this reason?  Is the high-ranking shelter employee blaming the rescue community for the rumors surrounding him?  We shall see if anything comes of it.

My experience with sociopaths, which the male half in this situation is the worst I have ever dealt with and is known statewide for his sadistic tendencies, is that they are also cheaters.  And they use their position of power to get subordinates to cheat with them and do their dirty work.  It seems to be the new norm at Devore.

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  1. In any other county using a county truck and time to carry on an affair would be cause for dismissal, but, of course there is so much corruption at the top levels of the County of San Bernardino, this is par for the course. That’s why the great cities of Colton and Fontana never considered Devore for their animal control contract. They hold the public trust sacred and should be highly commended for taking their business to Riverside where Robert Miller does an excellent job. Doug Smith, manager of the Devore shelter (and do we really need to say it?) the subject of this article, is a joke and pathetic in comparison.

  2. don’t they keep logs for the trucks. What reasoning did they give for always being at another shelter and not Devore? I frequently see a certain shelter person (I wont say who, because they are not clearly identified in the story and only speculated on by another) in the Victorville area. Is this where the affair is going on? Should I be following him to get the dirt? I see county trucks all over the place. How can I make sure it is his and I have the right guy?

    • When this issue first came to light, I asked Brian Cronin about vehicles assigned to the shelter, vehicle logs, etc. I was told that “he,” meaning the male part of this dalliance, can drive any vehicle he wants and does not have to keep a log. Is that convenient or what? I will say that I believe all county vehicles now have GPS tracking on them. I’m sure if the BOS or Devereaux were so inclined, they could check GPS records. My guess is they are not so inclined.

  3. Sharon, after the Lamberto case, what do you think the answer is? Another Devereaux coverup. Why don’t you email this article to the BOS.

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