Two articles all county employees need to read

San Bernardino County

I thought I would point these two articles out because I think many employees are not reading them because they don’t realize the actual points of the articles.  The first one is I hear the ISD folks are escstatic over the Lamberto news. Read the story AND look at the comments. There is one in particular you need to see. I’m hoping we get some folks in the know who can further explain the lengths to which the county is going to spy on employees and potentially violate reasonable privacy.

The second is What is the reason for the killing spree at Devore? I’m sure many think it is nothing more than another rant about Devore. It is a whole lot more. I have every reason to believe there is basis to this story. I’m not behind the rumor, but I’ve seen some things with my own eyes that lead me to believe there is truth here. Is it another situation that Devereaux covered up and kept from the Board of Supervisors?  We may never know.  But I do know the situation suggests business as usual with the county and hostile working environments.

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