Trey wants to be your lap dog – Updated


Update:  Trey has been adopted!!

Trey is a boxer mix that has found himself in a terrible position.  Because his daddy was a wandering Casanova with questionable moral values, Trey is looked at as a “mutt” in the world of dogdom.  And mutts can be the hardest to place in loving homes because there are fewer rescues that work mixed-breed dogs.

But don’t let Trey’s muttness confuse you.  Trey is boxer through and through. Like all boxers he thinks he is a lap dog.  All he wants to do is cuddle . . . and play, ‘cause boxers never grow up.  They are perpetual teenagers.

Trey may have had a tough life in the past.  His jaw appears to be misaligned from an old fracture and he may have a tooth abscess.  The shelter is recommending he be assessed by a veterinarian.  But no worry, Trey has substantial pledges for the rescue that helps out this boy.

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