Something I was really trying to avoid


Some of you that are friends with me on Facebook may have noticed the post I did about a “stalker.”  I’d like to think I am rid of her, but it doesn’t look that way.  Since she is hellbent on using my name, my Examiner columns, etc., to further her own agenda, I’m posting this to make sure those she contacts, especially politicians, candidates and animal control agencies, are aware that I have completely cut ties with her and anything she claims about my involvement in what she does is not accurate.

In the rescue world she is known as Lori Wagner, although that is not her real name.  I’m not sure any of us know her real name.  She lives in Drain, Oregon and seems to have nothing better to do in life than to call animal control agencies and politicians to raise hell about the plight of animals.  That is followed by threats of lawsuits, etc., and then nasty profanity-filled emails and Facebook posts.

Anyone who reads my blog or Facebook feeds knows how I feel about animals.  But there is a way to get things done, legally and ethically, and there is a way to just stir the pot and cause problems for anyone who is trying to get things done.

I could not take the drama any longer nor was I willing to be a part of tape recording phone calls to those she was trying to hang.  It’s one thing to tape when a government agency makes it clear they are taping the call.  It’s another thing altogether to tape conversations when one believes there is a certain level of privacy.  She is quite aware that this is a two-party consent state.

I simply cannot and will not be involved in what she does.  During the last contact with her she was trying to find out my contacts on the Fifth Floor so to call them.  I want to make it clear that I gave her zero information and I do not condone what she is doing.

Lori is the reason I have been mostly out of the animal advocacy business for the past several months.  I was just trying to ignore her and hope that she would go away.  Unfortunately, she has made it her business to try to contact me at all times of the day and night because she insists I not cut off the “friendship.”  Well it is severed for good.

I apologize for the personal nature of this post, but I felt I needed to get the word out to those who may think I am supportive of or behind some of what she is doing.  I am not.

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