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Andrew Lamberto

It seems those who run Cal State San Bernardino are a bit more decisive, and even perhaps a bit more moral and ethical, than those who run San Bernardino County.  Now, I realize the article says “resigned.”  Do you really believe he was not “helped” into making the “right” decision?  Of course he was.

Here is the article:  Coyote Chronicle

And then Mike Madrid, a political consultant, Tweeted this a few minutes ago:  Never good when the HR director of your county is engaged in prostitution.@cacountynews

I’m not sure if this is the same Mike Madrid that sends out the California City News Updates or not. But either way, Andrew sure is getting everyone’s attention.  Why is it that everyone can see the problem except for our Board of Supervisors?

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  1. Mr, Lamberto,

    Per the comment on CSUSB, by a bit, if you are speaking of an immeasurable difference….

    CSUSB students can now conclude that Chancellor White is not invested in the integrity of the CSU system and this proposed rate hike is just another scheme to burden us with debt and line their pockets. CSU operates as a bloated bureaucracy with no check and balances. At the same time CSU is asking to raise student tuition, Chancellor White and CSUSB President Morales, have subverted fraud allegations through a cash for diploma scheme. We have Chancellor White using the position to obstruct allegations that CSUSB President Tomas Morales, is operating an academic and financial fraud through the MA TESOL program. Their MBA program is also a fraud. The California Department of Justice (civil) conducted an investigation (April 2015) after Morales subverted executive orders and other processes to conceal the fraud. Chancellor White has concealed the DOJ investigation.

    In March 2015, Dr. Mark Crase, acting on behalf of Chancellor White knowingly concealed a level ll appeal timely filed with the chancellor’s office. Dr. Crase was served the appeal and then acted as if the appeal had never been served. Dr. Linda Hanson, then surfaces on behalf of White & Crase in an attempt to conceal the filing of the appeal.

    Fellow students, we don’t have to look any further than the conduct of CSUSB & CSU to know that our interests and wellbeing are unimportant. What’s important is for CSU by hook or by crook to fleece us through increased tuitions, subversion of lawful processes and to use our public university as their ATM card. The CSU Trustees have never responded to phone calls or emails. The student representative over two years has also never been available.

    Dear Mr. Wallace,

    I have been appointed to serve as the Level I Discrimination, Harassment & Retaliation Administrator for the retaliation and discrimination claims you filed against a number of administrators at California State University San Bernardino. The attached letter will serve as notice of the determination of findings with respect to those claims, pursuant to CSU Executive Order 1074, superseded by Executive Order 1097.


    Mark Crase, Ed.D.
    Interim Asst. Vice Chancellor & CIO
    California State University Office of the Chancellor
    401 Golden Shore, 3rd Floor
    Long Beach, CA 90802-4210
    Office: (562) 951-4201
    FAX: (562) 951-4925

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