Latest Orange County Animal Care protest deemed a success

Orange County Protest

More than 50 animal activists came together in front of Orange County Animal Care this past Saturday to express their concerns and outrage over policies and procedures at the shelter.  Activists say shelter veterinarian, Dr. Jennifer Hawkins, provides substandard care to the animals in her care and kills animals when there are up to 200 empty kennels.  The median time from intake to death for dogs killed on their day of intake is only 43 minutes..

This was the second protest in two months and activists are determined to keep the pressure on the shelter and the Orange County Board of Supervisors until positive change is accomplished.  Activists were on hand for hours on Saturday, a day in which the shelter was also conducting a free adoption day.  They say they wanted to educate residents about the constant killing and inappropriate mislabeling of animals used to justify killing them.

When animals enter the shelter environment, they are often agitated.  Animals have much stronger senses than humans.  They can smell the death associated with shelters and can hear the distress of other animals.  They realize their fate and often their sense of survival will kick in or they simply are so overwhelmed by all the sounds and smells that they shut down.

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