Humane education resolution needs your support

Assemblyman Matt Dababneh

Assemblyman Matt Dababneh (D-Van Nuys) introduced House Resolution 28 last year.   It puts the state of California on record that compliance with Education Code provisions should include a humane treatment of animals component.  HR 28 is scheduled to be heard in the Assembly Education Committee next week.  The assemblyman needs letters in support no later than close of business on March 31, 2016.

The resolution resolves that compliance with the Education Code should include “educating students on the principles of kindness and respect for animals and observance of laws, regulations, and policies pertaining to the humane treatment of animals,” according to Dababneh’s website.   Current codes require that such education is taught but does not address funding or outright require the curriculum.

In recent years, social scientists, law enforcement officials, and mental health providers have come to realize the nexus between childhood animal abuse and adult criminal activity. Often, serial killers start with animals before moving on to human victims.

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