Anonymous Tips – Updated


Update:  I just received an email from Brian Cronin assuring me that neither person is on Admin Leave.  So that leaves the rest of this tip in question, but not completely as the source was not sure about that aspect of it.  I’m still looking for information.

I received the following tip last week:

July 2013 xxxxxxxx had his wife xxxxxxx pick up euthanasia solution from the Devore Animal Shelter. The solution was used to euthanasia the xxxxxx’s horse at an undisclosed location. xxxxxx works at  xxxxxxxxxxx as a Vet Technician. She is not employed by the San Bernardino County. Euthanasia documents were falsified by xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx and xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx.

I received this followup tip tonight:

Human resources was notified. It appears xxxxxxxx and xxxxxxx may have been placed on administrative leave for 2-3 weeks each. Can not confirm if legal action has been taken. It’s also unknown what will happen to xxxxxxx for her part. If anything. xxxxxxxxxx is a master multiplier. People are fed-up with his smoke and mirrors game. Your efforts are appreciated in seeking the truth.

I X’d out the names and titles as I do not know if these are good tips or being sent to me by some of the devious individuals who support the Devore Shelter.  I did pass them along to a couple of Animal Shelter attorneys, both of whom indicated, that if true, it would enough to take the two  county managers down.  I believe I am correct is saying that misappropriation of lethal drugs is a federal felony.  I’m not sure if they have taken any action on them or not, although it is my belief that one of them has.

There is also an additional misuse of county property complaint that has been lodged against one of the managers.  At this point, I do not know what is going on, but, for me, this is right up there with the Andrew Lamberto situation.  The difference being that Lamberto doesn’t kill other living beings all day long out of spite and hatred.

Anyway, if anyone has any tips or can shed some additional light on this situation, please contact me.  Also, it should be noted that this is only one of the misuse of lethal drug tips I received about these individuals.  The other tip involves one of these managers and another agency.  I’m trying to check that out through other channels.

As I wrote in another post, the accusations about the misuse of lethal drugs against one of these individuals and the shelters he has supervised have been going on for two decades.  I absolutely believe that lethal drugs are being stolen from the county and misused.

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