Activists blur message with threats, obscenities and demands for illegal acts

Hesperia Animal Control

Earlier this month when a photograph of a bloodied dog appeared in conjunction with a local online tabloid story about abuse at the Hesperia Animal Shelter in Hesperia, Calif., local animal advocates and activists went wild on social media, providing the angry masses with misinformation and inciting disturbing behavior by animal lovers around the world.  Many sent obscenity-laced messages and threats of bodily harm to Hesperia City Council members and city employees.

The situation has been a problem for at least the last few months in reference to a series of situations involving the city of Hesperia, and especially, its animal control division.  Activists, and some fringe news sources, have so little knowledge of how government works, that the misinformation has done more to discredit animal advocates and harm the animals than any good that can come of new public awareness.

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