A very, very difficult video to watch

I will get some political stuff and news stories posted in a bit.  But I want to post this video.  It came across my Facebook news feed and I had to watch it no matter how difficult it was to watch.  I closed my eyes a couple of times and it made me cry.

I think it is a safe bet to say that very few of my readers are heavily involved in animal advocacy.  For that reason, I’m sure most are sometimes taken aback by some of the things I write.

My friends list stays around 5,000 on my Facebook personal account and just under that on my Facebook fan page.  Probably 3,500 of those “friends” are involved in animal advocacy in one way or another.  As a result I see, and get asked to write about, stories that the general public will never hear about.

There are days I cannot pull up Facebook because I simply need a day without graphic images.  When I say graphic, I’m referring to things such as dogs being tied down and having their limbs or fur torn off while completely conscious, or being boiled live for soup, or being dragged behind a car, or set of fire, or microwaved, or any other number of horrific things.  Cruelty for the purpose of cruelty is rampant and most people have no clue the shear numbers of sick sociopaths we live among.

The other side of animal advocacy I sometimes comment about is the world of drama among activists.  I’m tell you that there is a percentage of activists (and shelter employees) who are just plain bat ass crazy.  They forget it is about saving animals and not their petty problems.  These people are hell bent on making life hell for anyone who is trying to really make a difference.  I could tell you a lot of stories.

Anyway, I try not to look at too many sad videos but this one caught my eye.  I will tell you it has a happy ending.  But it is really hard to watch.  It is not atypical.  I see this stuff all of the time, although this is the worst I’ve ever seen of this type of case.  Took a look if you can.

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