Cherub needs an earthly angel–Updated


Cherub’s big smile belies the fact that she is on death’s door, not because she is old or sick, but because she is out of time.  She has been a resident of the Devore Animal Shelter in San Bernardino, Calif. since Jan. 21.  That makes her an old timer and subject to being euthanized at any time.

Cherub is on extensions, meaning she is given an extension to live one day at a time.  Today, she may get an extension or today may be her last day on Earth.

Cherub is about three years old.  She is a white and brown pit bull terrier.  Cherub is not ready to fly with the angels.  She has a lot of living, loving, and smiling still to do.  She needs an angel right here on Earth to save her from this fate.

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Update:  Cherub is safe.  She was pulled this morning by a rescue.

I was apprehensive about writing this story because my relationship with Devore isn’t exactly stellar.  But I let the rescues do their thing with the powers that be at Devore while I networked her with my lists and groups, many of which in turn shared with their lists. We had one rescue that agreed to cover all costs if someone would agree to a long-term foster.  There were inquiries from as far away as Seattle.  In the end it was someone pretty local who pulled her.

I can tell you my heart sank this morning when I heard her Petfinder listing was down.  I was so relieved to hear she was rescued and not killed.  I have to say that Kelly Papp deserves credit for working with rescue on Cherub and granting her the extensions needed to get her out of there alive.

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