I was notified today that a subpoena is on its way.  Whether it’s real or another Rex Gutierrez situation remains to be seen but I will not be writing about the subject. I shall leave the writing–and witness intimidation and jury tampering to those who do it best. Speaking of whom, most of you probably […]

A deputy’s suicide and more

His sister was my desk partner for a number of years and we were good friends at one point until I started having my issues and she became judgmental.  Her and her only sibling were very close.  I cannot imagine how devastated she is. I learned of the news this morning via Facebook.  I read […]

What to do?

This is a story I’ve held for at least two years now.  I’m frustrated because the county cannot seem to do its job.  This is not just an abused animal story.  It involves special needs children, weapons, alcohol, false police reports, and the Mexican Mafia. I first heard of this situation when a contact watched […]

Looking for information

I will preface this by saying that I will not give out more information than is in this post and that any information provided to me via comment will not be published as a comment Those who really have information will know whom I am referencing.

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Guest Editorial: Needles City Council

Dear Sharon After direction from First District, the Needles City Council rejected putting the initiatives on the ballot. So here goes eighty more signatures and the city pays, (according to the city) $80k for a special election, but oh no! The charter changes have to go in a general election, and getting out of the […]