What to do?

This is a story I’ve held for at least two years now.  I’m frustrated because the county cannot seem to do its job.  This is not just an abused animal story.  It involves special needs children, weapons, alcohol, false police reports, and the Mexican Mafia. I first heard of this situation when a contact watched […]

Looking for information

I will preface this by saying that I will not give out more information than is in this post and that any information provided to me via comment will not be published as a comment Those who really have information will know whom I am referencing.

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Guest Editorial: Needles City Council

Dear Sharon After direction from First District, the Needles City Council rejected putting the initiatives on the ballot. So here goes eighty more signatures and the city pays, (according to the city) $80k for a special election, but oh no! The charter changes have to go in a general election, and getting out of the […]

I’m not sure why I received this

But since it is an official, signed response, I thought I would share. Fontana is definitely on my radar again, but not the Fontana Police Department. I would like to think that many of the issues with the Fontana Police Department were resolved with the forced retirement of Police Chief Rod Jones. Anyway, here is what was sent to me by the current police chief.

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Ding dong the witch is gone

We can only hope somewhere along the line the feds catch up with her and throw her butt in federal prison where it belongs. Maybe someone can answer this.  Does Matt’s wife still work for the CAO?  If so, they’ve certainly lowered the dress standards up there. Sandy was so about appearance and had a […]

The FBI Investigation

I’ve been reading the speculation on the blogs and social media.  I think a lot of stock is being put into this investigation.  Perhaps it is justified; perhaps it is not.  I’m not going to say as I really don’t know. But can I remind you all that the FBI has been here before and […]

FBI investigation verified

The fact that there is a serious FBI investigation going on into various aspects of San Bernardino County has been verified by several credible sources.  For that reason, some posts are being removed and the subject will be off limits for a while. This blog exists because of San Bernardino County corruption.  This month marks […]

Petition for Writ denied

According to a notification just received from the Fourth District Court of Appeal, the petition for Writ of Mandate filed to overturn Judge Smith’s ruling on the Johnson Motion was summarily denied by the court today.  The Colonies Four have been on a PR campaign in the months since the petition was filed suggesting the […]